The most important thing

What is one of the requirements to writing? Some may believe that one of the requirements is to have something to write about in the first place. That might not be as essential as you think. The most important thing you need is the will to write in the first place. Having something to write about is useless if you don’t have the will to write in the first place. Maybe you have the deepest, most profound topic in your mind but you don’t have the will to write. Maybe you get halfway through but stop midway. Maybe the topic you decided to write about doesn’t interest you anymore.The will to write is what carries us on in these situations.

On the subject on how important it is to have a topic before you start your writing, there are people who can write without a topic. Spending time on finding an interesting topic is spending around eighty percent of your thinking energy on thinking of a good title alone. Here’s a fact, our subconscious beliefs affect almost everything we do. This can be the fuel of your writing material. Sometimes you need a push start. This “push start” comes in the form of writing any sentence that you instinctively feel you should be writing. As long as you’re making words on paper, that should be enough as a start. the rest will follow.

For example, i once started writing a story while thinking about my daily bus ride. I let my instincts create the characters and my subconscious guide the first few sentences of my story. After that, the rest came naturally. I’m currently editing it, but perhaps I’ll post my story up sometime.

The point is that starting with a topic is not what we should spend your time thinking about. It is the writing itself that is essential.


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