Dreams that are AWESOME!

As everyone who has a soul knows, dreams can be AWESOME! Unfortunately, not all of our dreams are epics worth any mention. Some are boring, some are confusing, some slightly disturbing, some reeeaaaally disturbing. These dreams exist as pre-game, halftime, and commercial breaks vto the ones that are TOTALLY AWESOME. These are the dreams that place you in the middle of epic movies, videogames, and fantasy adventures. The danger feels real, the terror, the losses are legitimately saddening, and thhe victories feel amazing. 

You can’t remember most of the things that happen in these dreams but you remember the feeling and mood you had while you were dreaming. These moods set the mood for the reast of your waking hours.

I once heard that the average dream is only thirty seconds to two minutes long. If this is true, I must marvel at the subconscious mind’s ability to fit hours worth of detail into tiny patches of time. It would explain the epicness of Awesome Dreams. Awesome Dreams must be the result of the brain wanting to tell a story, but only having thirty seconds to do so, so it crams as much emotion and adrenaline into those thirty seconds as possible. The result is a night of awesome, and if you’re a writer like me, a lifetime’s worth of inspiration.

Note: As epic as they may be, note that the feeling of ecstacy produced by an Awesome Dream is temporary. It’s best not to rely solely on the adrenaline of a dream when writing, because writing an epic tale takes up much more time than a dream does. Feel free to be inspired by these dreams, though know that once you wake up, it’s right back to work.


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