Saving Dogs, a Plea For Donations

There is a breeder in North Carolina known in the Dog breeding community as Tarheel. This breeder is a legitimate Tamaskan Breeder. He and his wife have been breeding Tamaskan dogs since 2009 and is an honest, hardworking breeder who knows how to properly treat dogs, respects them and, most importantly, cares enough to know right from wrong.

However, there has been an incident. His dogs (5  of them) have been poisoned by antifreeze by an unknown attacker. Two of the dogs are in critical condition. They have been diagnosed with severe kidney damage from the poisoning and the Tarheel  Breeder cannot afford to treat them.

This is a man who requires and deserves your help. He is a breeder who not only treats dogs with respect, but takes action against puppy millers.  Help him by donating to the following link:


and learn more about this breeder here:


(note: “Tarheel” is not the breeder’s real name. It is his Kennel Affix. His real name is John Bannow)

This is the news site:


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