Ticking Clock Concept

A few months back, my high school teacher told us to write a short story in “ticking clock” form. Ticking Clock refers to a story that shows you a portion of the end before  beginning the storyline. You already know the end as you read through the story, so as you go along you’re always watching for signs that the ending is coming, or catching small details of information that will eventually lead to the end.

The teacher told us to try and keep the story to a maximum of a thousand words, a limit which I could never keep to.  So the story I wrote ended up much shorter and less fleshed out than I hoped. Now it’s been months and I’ve decided to rewrite the story, but I’m afraid my original concept of it has been forgotten. I’ll be posting it up on my other blog, which I just thought to make right now, which I guess I should provide a link to below;


I hope I managed to explain The Ticking Clock concept well enough.


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