Something From…Bejeweled?

I remember about a year ago I watched a trailer for Bejeweled 3 by Popcap. The game was amazing when it came to creativity and graphics. The graphics were what I found to be the most impressive.

Usually I believe that graphics are the last feature that one should use to judge whether a game is good or not. Gameplay and control should take top priority in my books. Bejeweled 3 is the exception. The Bejeweled franchise (am I allowed to call it a franchise? Am I using that term correctly?) has already got Gameplay and Control down as it’s a puzzle game about moving blocks. The game itself is fun but there isn’t much creativity that you can do with puzzle games like Bejeweled. To squeeze as much entertainment into a game like Bejeweled ou have to rely on Graphics, sound effects, and artwork. And Popcap provided just that.

This isn’t a game review post, I have a point I’m going to get to. There is one game on Bejeweled 3 that I played that included butterflies. When the jewels matched they turned into butterflies and flew into the points bar. That got me thinking, “Man, I bet there are many gripping stories that I could make out of this concept.” And that in turn made me think, “What did I just say?”

Understand that the “Gripping Stories” I was thinking of were all about a setting with nothing but jewels turning into butterflies, with perhaps one human character. What kind of stories did I think were going to come out of that? But, now that I think of it, it isn’t so far fetched. After years of reading novels, one often comes across entertaining but odd stories. I myself have read stories about A game store that is actually a portal into a world that has been run by the Soviet Union, a story about a wizard who can’t cast spells having many misadventures, and one about a futuristic rock band. If that isn’t strange enough for you, how about we shift from Literature to the underated section known as comics. Who could possibly become successful by publishing a comic about four mutant reptiles that have been taught ninjitsu by their father figure, who is a mutant rat, and constantly face off against robots, aliens, and ninjas that seem to have a foot fetish? Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, who have been a huge success in their comic drawing years (well, Peter Laird moreso than Eastman)

My point is this; is there a limit to how strange a story can be and still entertain the ones who read it? Where is the line drawn? I personally like to believe that there is no limit, that the line has to be drawn by the writer’s slill and reader’s tolerance.


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