I’m In a coffee store

I’ve heard that a lot of hipster writers write in cafe’s so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m thinking that the reason people write in cafes is because of the abundant amounts of caffeine you can get. I’m drinking Iced Tea. I hope that doesn’t take from the experience. Tea has caffeine in it too, right?

The coffee store I’m in is a country style within walking distance to my house. It’s a charming little shop with lots of elderly people hanging out. It’s a rather nice feel, just sitting here and typing away, almost carefree. Of course, whether it’s the place itself or just me is debatable.

It doesn’t do a writer to be too carefree, so maybe I should start writing something serious. I’m going to continue my novel now. This coffee store doesn’t get all that many young visitors, which is a gift in itself. At least I won”t get self conscious if one of these elder folks starts looking at me funny (I am new to this “hipster” thing and still feel self conscious)


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