Once again…No topic!

This is the third post like this. No topic and an urge to blog. I’m going to list the seven most used items I know that are used in fantasy stories. give me a second to think…



gold coins




and jewelery

I don’t read as much fantasy as my friends so this isn’t going to be very accurate.

The least significantly used item, i think, is the chalice. It’s mostly used in the form of the Holy Grail or some parody of. The Holy Grail is thought to be the cup used by Jesus but it really wasn;t mentioned at all. If it isn’t the Holy Grail or a parody thereof, the chalice is a cup serving poisoned wine or something like that.

Next is shields. Important shields show up about as often as important chalices, and they’re usually alongside a sword of some sort. examples I can think of include…huh, strangely none come to mind at the moment in literature…If I include videogames I guess there’s the Legend Of Zelda’s Mirror Shield?

Next is scrolls. Whether it’s the magical scrolls of merlin’s drawers (Some child version of King Arthur I read) or scrolls with important bits of information in them, you’ll find them in Fantasy books eighty percent f the time (I think)

Now, although gold coins are common, nearly universal in western fantasy novels, they aren’t usually plot significant. In this list, I’m counting all the times I read about a character who needed to buy something from anyone and needed gold coins. Or Silver, copper, pewter, whatever.

Amulets…How many times has a war depended on acquiring or the keeping of an amulet? (in my reading experience, four)

Jewelery comes in the form of anytime a necklace, bracelet, ring, locket, or anything else people put on to look pretty becomes plot important. This includes pictures inside lockets, necklaces of sentimental value, etc

And lastly, the sword. Oh my god, the sword. Excalibur. The Sting. The Vorpal sword. Captain Carrot’s absurdly sharp sword. The Sommerswerd. The sword of Martin the warrior. Callandor. The Master Sword. Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. The Ice sword from Guardians of Ga’Hoole. The Subtle Knife. The sword of Gryffindor. Drizzt’s scimitars. Merrow, Sorrow and Thorn. The sword is almost omniscient in fantasy works! Not that I’m complaining, but wouldn’t it be cool to see King Arthur having to pull a nunchuk out of a stone tablet?

Well, that’s today’s post. thanks for reading and so long.


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