This one will be short.

When I first started my blog in April I was actually studying for an English project with my group members at a library. I wrote the first post while listening to their ideas (Don’t get me wrong, I can multitask).

The thing that first freaked me out was that I was  pushing my expectations too high. I knew that a blog a long time to gain followers and that it might even be a flop. I knew that the important thing was to love writing and do it for your own sake, but I was afraid that deep inside I was expecting too much and that the disappointment would hurt.

So, anyway, I posted my work and waited. Nothing. I posted two days later. Still no results. Huh. I kept doing this, writing and posting, writing and posting. Then one day I got a Like! and a Follower!

Hurray! I have a follower!

Hurray! Someone liked one of my posts!

Then it hit me. I had been posting without any recognition and not caring for weeks. One like was enough to excite me.

I had one it. This was my definition of a writer. I had become a writer.

Hurray! My expectations are realistic now!

What helps curb your hunger for fame and glamorous (I hate that word so much) success is reality. You can only get some “reality” through going out there and trying. That’s what blogging taught me.

(Huh. It wasn’t as short as I thought. I actually had quite a bit to say. My apologies)


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