Weird Smiles

Every time I go to the movies I get a sense of dread. I purchase my tickets, pass on the concessions (snacks from the movies? Overpriced and hardly appetizing!) When I’m sure I’ve skipped all the useless crap before the movie I hand in my tickets to the collector.

They smile. They take the ticket. They say “Welcome to ___ please enjoy the movie and have a nice day.”

That’s just…so…weird! I always have this itch in my mind when they do that! Really!

Smiles are great when you think they’re real. But the thing is, I know those smiles are plastered faked. And that cheery tone they’re using? They always sound forced! It’s like looking at a robot that someone designed to be smiling all the time. Only with a robot, the smile is just an empty one. With a human, the smile is not empty. It’s probably covering hours of frustration, boredom, and annoyance.

I bet the poor guy has been standing there for hours, looking all happy, forced to listen to walker-by’s chat about the ending to any movie they were planing on seeing, and smelling the food from the concessions that he can’t eat. I bet they’re on the verge of a breakdown!

Okay, maybe not a breakdown, but I know this. When I want to see a cheery smile, the necessities I demand  include cheerful happiness to go with it.

Dear managers, please don’t make smiles a requirement. You can ban grumpiness or outward expressions of annoyance. Heck, just allow them to be deadpan, like the guys at McDonalds at lunch hour. Just don’t tell them to sit there and repeat “Have a nice day” for hours and hours at a time.


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