Today my Little Brother Will Write

Say what now?

Take it away bro,

Um.. hi. Uh… what am I suppose to be doing? This is a blog right? Um, what are these for?

Oh, before I go, before you publish make sure to add Tags.

What? Tags? What are tags?

They’re words that direct searches to your post. So for example, you could put, brother, replacement, etc.

Right. Um.  So… I’m here in replacement for Refkan today. It’s my first time writing a post so… yeah.

I guess I’ll be talking about… I don’t know what I’ll be talking about. Is it still too late to not wright this?  Can I just make this up as I go? I don’t really have a topic.

Okay, I’ve thought of a topic. Not sure if it’s a good one but you know, you gotta start somewhere.

So the topic of my post will be spammers in video games. Why not?

Scenario: So your playing online in some 2-D fighting game, like say, street  fighter. You’re playing as a character whose only attacks involve close ranged combat (Yun).  Your actually doing surprisingly, well beating everyone you are paired up with. Then out of the blue you’re paired up with someone playing as a character with strong attacks, loads of health, agile and quick, doesn’t take a lot of damage, and, worst of all, can constantly fire long-ranged fireballs that stun the player (Ken).

By the way, you have to make it easy to understand. Don’t alienate non Gamers

Sorry. Trying not to. Continuing from before.

As soon as the match begins, you’re greeted with a friendly fire ball to the face. This gift stuns you for a second, giving the opponent an opportunity to launch a fireball towards you’re face. Your character gets up and you use this opportunity to get a fireball thrown in your face. Strangely, you appear to be getting tired of having all these flaming spheres getting thrown into your retinas, so you attempt to jump towards your opponent, only to realize that your opponent’s character’s signature move is to transform his fist into a fireball and uppercut you in your face.

Flaming circle to your face? Yes.

Eventually, you just decide to stay on the far end of the screen while blocking the constant fireballs, yes you can do that, but you’ll still take damage, waiting for an opening to strike. Spoilers alert! There usually won’t be. You eventually run out of ambitions of winning and just want the match to finish already, but then, you see a small flicker of hope in the corner of the screen. Your revenge bar has rose up to the maximum! (In Street Fighter, there’s a bar that rises every time you get hit. Once the bar is at least half-way full, you can launch a special move which varies between character.) You instantly activate your super-ultra-special-almighty-fantastic move and remember that your playing as a close range only character and that you need to be right in front of the fuck to use it properly.

After awesomely punching a fire ball, you go back to the edge of the screen waiting for the match to finish, but then, you realize that your opponent’s finger slipped and didn’t use a fireball. This has been the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! The chance tho turn this whole damn match around! You rush up to your enemy, jump over any fireball he tries to fire, make your way around his flaming uppercut, launch your finger towards the attack button and realize that the time limit has just declared the spamming douche the winner.

Spamming moron moves on in the tournament, you’re eliminated.

You now have three options: Rage, Cry, and collide your palm with your forehead. Choose wisely.


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