Problems With Videos (tragedy)

The invention of the camera, a device that captures movement onto video format, has been a most important milestone for mankind. With the camera comes better security, quality entertainment, and crappy Youtube videos. But there is one downside of a camera, and that’s you can’t always guarantee that what you capture is what you will want to see.

Sometimes you will watch a video of your high school days. You’re hanging out with your friends. Even back then you “knew” that things wouldn’t last. You “knew” that there would be friends that left you. But did you know how? Did you know there were ways to leave you that tainted memories?

How about videos that you took on vacation. You keep looking out in the waves. You see a particularly large one, and you keep standing there, filming. And now, looking back you want to shout to everyone in the video: Run.

The thing about the present is you know all the answers in the past. You know you couldn’t have known some things back when you made the wrong choices, you know it’s not your fault. But with the past so well preserved, it’s hard not to think…If only…


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