When it’s All Going Well

…then it’s bubble day.

What’s a bubble day? It’s based on a stock term known as a bubble period.

A bubble period is a period in time when stocks’ worth rise above standard. There may be a number of reasons for this, one being that reality’s laws of probability tend to be as sturdy as paper airplanes.

When a stock’s worth start rising it is a bad time to buy. They won’t keep rising. What goes up has a nasty tendency to fall down.

It’s the same thing with our lives. If our lives are going absolutely splendid for days on end with no obstacles standing in our way, the smart people will start preparing for the fall. God has made a mix up and will soon correct the mistake.

So should we spend our lives cowering whenever we get very lucky? Of course not. Take advantage of the good times to enjoy life. Just do it wisely, take advantage of your situation to prepare for the fall, then enjoy life as it comes. But don’t make any long term plans. When the times are good our brains picture the future to be the same as the present. We’re simply made that way, we subconsciously want to believe our situation won’t change when we’re in a good place, and that we will when we’re in a not as great place.

Wait until reality returns with all its misfortune, which we have prepared for by the way, before we make more plans. We can see clearer in the rain.


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