Authors: Do I Worship Them? Or Do I Want to Be Them?

I love reading. I regard writers and authors with much more respect than I regard celebrities (Don;t get me wrong, I’m not saying that acting or posing is any easier, I’m just more attracted to writers) and even the royal family (with the exception of The Queen. She’s Great). I admire comic book artists and mangakas highest of all because they took a HUGE risk in picking comic art as a career.

But I must ask myself, do I see authors as people that I admire? Or do I see them as respectable foes I must defeat one day? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a conscious thing. My mind is EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to writing. And believe me, my Idols are much too intimidating to pick a fight with. I’m confident that I will never have their talent or luck or whatever.

But there is always a part of me that thinks; “Gee, that book was so great. One day, I’ll be able to make something as great too!”

The exceptions are Hideaki Anno, for creating Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Osamu Tezuka, creator of Manga.

I love NGE way too much to even begin to believe I can top it.

As for Osamu Tezuka, he was a doctor who took the biggest risk ever and created manga. Forget creating a genre, this guy created a whole creative medium! I defy anyone claiming to be more awesome than this man.


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