How to Continue On?

You’re done. All of the inspiration is gone. Something’s happened.

Now writing is the farthest thing from your mind. Something has left your life forever. Perhaps it was what kept you writing in the first place. And now that it’s gone you don’t even consider writing anymore.

You hear things that foolish writers say.

“It’s a writer’s mission to write!” “A writer must write no matter what!”

Well, if these guys love writing so much then they can go on right ahead. You had something that mattered more than the ink you put on paper. You had something connected to your life. Something important. And now it’s gone. Writing doesn’t bring back the dead. It just creates fake worlds. Empty worlds.

So now what? You sit at your desk. Why are you here? Maybe it was your job to write. Maybe this is where you feel the least pain. You don’t know. Some part of you hates being here.

But your hand drifts towards the pencil. You write. It’s lies. Empty words on paper. Why go on with the lies?

Day after day you make more lines with your pencil. You make new worlds. New life.

Of course the things you make have no real meaning. But that was never the intention.

Writing is something we do to guide ourselves back. Until we can begin living again


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