Improvisation / writing

Blog is for Whining! WHIIINE!

I call myself a writer, but I have difficulty staying on one topic. I Can never finish any long stories I’m trying to write!

My teachers all told me to stay in the room when I went to school, but I never did. I guess it’s just one of those things that come easier to some people. I know that by stay in the room they mean to stay in the story, but the thing is there are times when the room becomes much too dull, or will start to stink and the cleaning utensils are in another room.

I know that I’m just whining now, but I made this blog for whining about being a writer. Besides, I`m still beginning. I`m sure I`ll get used to the difficulties as I continue on (not that I expect it to get any easier. I just hope to become experienced)

I wanted to make this post bigger but I have dried up my “Things to write about” box




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