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My desk is crowded

Is it any wonder that I’m distracted from my writing with all the clutter on my desk?

Here I’ve got Pokemon figurines, colorful looking pencil sharpeners all lined up on a neat row, a pretty looking box (it’s full of cables and such), rubber poppers, and other cool/childish looking things! Inside my drawers I have a mameshiba comic, eleven volumes of The Shinji Ikari Raising Project mangas, and a dollar store box of pawns and dice!

But where am I supposed to put this stuff away? When you collect something that’s just for show you should place it where it will be used to its full potential; where you are going to see it. I’m mainly at my desk so I keep my pokemon figurines there. (actually, I play with the figurines…I’m pretty lame, aren’t I?)

What about my japanese comics? Well…I’ve moved them under my bed until I can find time to build a mini-shelf for them or something. I don’t want to put them in the same place I put my novels…I just feel so icky about mangas and novels being put together.

Ah well, I’ve gotta go back to my writing. So long and thanks for all the Parastacoidea.


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