My Sodding Problem (hehe)

I read novels.

Fantasy Novels.

Mystery Novels.



All Genres.

I read through many genres, but I also read through many novels from different parts of the world. Some are written in USA, some Canada, some were written in England (I think) and some are Chinese or Japanese translated into English.

The translated books are usually translated into English with Chinese or Japanese slang and references being replaced with American slangs. However nobody translates English slang into American slang (as far as I know) so when I read works from England I tend to pick up some informal English sayings. Just the other day I actually used the word “sodding” as an emphasis slang.

To quote myself; “I would read the Twilight novels if the first wasn’t so…I don’t know…So Sodding-ly Stupid”

I found the word “sodding” in the novel Guards Guards by Terry Pratchett. It is taken from the word sodomization. Obviously, it isn’t a PG slang and it wouldn’t be smart to say it in sophisticated conversation.




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