They see me Posting…

And they…not really hatin’

Try na catch me writing dirty

Hey what’s up, I haven’t been posting in a week. I just wanna say that Summer is going by alot slower than I thought it would. Maybe it’s just because I have this sweet watch that tells the date, so I always count down the days to the end. Since I’m always doing this I’m always noticing every single day, not forgetting one, making the past grow slower and the future shrink slower.

I’m having a good time, but my writing is suffering for it.

I haven’t done a “I have no topic” for a while. Anyone have a suggestion for the next one? Hello? Anyone? *cricket *cricket

Maybe I should give up on trying to write comedy and instead stick to drama. What do you think? Drama over Comedy? Huh?

So anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Serious about needing ideas for the next “I Have No Topic”, I’m washed out. I had an idea last night, but now it’s gone.



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