No Sleep for Me (plus my brother will now post)

Last night I did this thing where I sleep, but not really, because you see, I didn’t sleep. At all.

I gave up around six in the morning and turned on the computer. I would have became an emotionably unstable wreck if I didn’t begin watching Clannad episodes. Nothing like pure emotions to keep your sanity in check.

Anyway, here’s My bro.

um, I just forgot what I was going to post… weeeeeeeeeeeee……….

Alright then, it’s summer now…. okay it’s been summer for 3 months now if you count May, but any ways it’s summer, and do you know what I think is so great about summer? I would say not going to school and being free of homework but quite frankly the only place where it was possible for me to hang out with my friends was at school and everyday I have to do about 10 pages of math homework that’s a year above my grade so, no, that’s not what I love about summer… at all. As I do actually enjoy being out of class and have more spare time to hang out with my friends… they’re all too lazy to go anywhere if not forced and all either enjoy being on facebook all day (which I don’t have and refuse to get), on their PS3s all day (which I don’t have and refuse to buy), or watching TV all day (which I don’t watch). Don’t misunderstand, my friends are not inactive people, just lazy, very very lazy. I don’t blame my friends however, they’ll all just be seeing each other next year in their new high school anyways, and also, I’m pretty sure I exaggerated a bit, why I’m so bothered by this is that I won’t be seeing any of them next year because I’m going to a completely different high school from them. One that’s very far away and notorious for the amount of homework handed out. I really won’t be seeing anyone I know next year.

On the subject of high school, next year I’ll be entering grade 9… I am not ready. I don’t know anything that I need to know at all. Well, I’m sorry that this new post was just me (Refkan’s younger brother) talking about my friends and getting off topic. I don’t dislike my friends no matter how much it seems I do.

I have nothing important left to say…. or anything important to begin with so… yeah. Bye.

and don’t worry, my brother will be posting again soon. 


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