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I’m not a believer in anything religious, nor am I a believer in prayer. But I hesitate to call myself an athiest because I don’t disbelieve the possibility of a large being we can’t comprehend (either God-like or Lovecraftian)


That being said, I’ve always found the idea of miracles interesting and can’t find myself doubting them completely. I’ve looked up and studied miracles that have appeared in bibles, mythology, tabloids, and the such. Did the red sea ever really part? Did a man really survive being struck by lightning several times over his lifespan? What is true and what is false?

Because of the lack of factual backing and historical documentation of many of the miracles I’ve researched, I gave up for a while. For years man has told of miracles and the such, and never had they happened in a way that parts them from coincidence of science.

I simply frown, give up, and turn on the TV.

Then I turn it off.

Then I turn it back on again.

A television set is a device that allows mankind to see things that aren’t really in front of us.

I watch a cartoon. A cartoon is a bunch of still pictures flashing on a screen fast enough to fool the eyes into thinking it’s a moving picture.

I turn on the lights in the living room. An entire room lit up even though it’s night.

A box that emits music.

A device that allows two people at different parts of the world communicate.

On the screen is a medical documentary. I see a man cured from his cancer through the efforts of several men and women, and medicine that took years of research to develop.

Mankind always prayed to the Deity or Deities for miracles. Many scoff at the idea of such things, like miracles. Man has always worked alone, they say.

No. None of the things we created were made alone. Only with the help of thousands of others were they possible. We get together to create the greatest machines. Our tools are the advancement of our ancestors, the past efforts of the great inventors before us act as the stepping stones.

The source of all miracles may as well be from man, but the greatest miracle of them all, the fact that we can do these things today, that our actions affect each other in such a large way, is not one to simply shrug off as something small.


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