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My Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve:

a major or principal annoyance or complaint.

Hey it’s been a while.

Has anyone ever put you in a category you really don’t belong in and you know it?

I don’t mean the playful “C’mon, everyone’s a little bit stupid deep down.”

I mean when the person saying this is absolutely serious and believes in their interpretation of you. Maybe it is just me who hates this but I really hate it when somebody says “Everyone is  either a so-and-so or has been one”

Um…I hate to break it to you…actually that’s a lie, I’d love to break it to you that “Everyone” is not an “anything”.

Here is a conversation I’ve had recently with a My little Pony Friendship is Magic fan.


MLPF: Why Don’t you watch My Little Ponies?

Me:  Well, I watched the first arc of the series and I don’t really think I’ll be watching the rest.

MLPF: Well, it really isn’t for anyone. Some people can’t take the bright colorfulness of the series.

Me: Actually, I don’t mind the overall design of the series. The reason I don’t watch it is I didn’t really like the story, that’s all.

MLPF: What? That’s bull crap! The story and pacing of the show is amazing! There are only types of people in this world. Those who Like My Little Pony Friendship is magic and those who can’t stand the girlishness of it

Me: What? No, I really didn’t mind the fact that it was a My Little Pony series, I just didn’t think the stories and characters were all that-

MLPF: Yeah, yeah, okay. We both know you didn’t even notice the plot because of the overall aura of the story.


That’s the last time I spoke with him for months. He legitimately believed in what he was saying and still believes it. He couldn’t accept that the stories written by the writers of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic were inferior (in my eyes) than the ones in the manga, books, TV shows, and even some video games (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for the Win!) that I read.

Here’s another one.


Guy: So, when was the first time you ever toked?

Me: Toke? I’ve never smoked

Guy: Oh Come on, nobody can honestly say that they have never tried drugs before.

Me: Uh…I can

Guy: Yeah, okay


That guy can go on believing that I’m an ex druggie as far as I care, but that conversation still annoyed me to no end. Here’s one more. This one happened while playing Magic the Gathering with a World of Warcraft player.


WoW guy: So, what’s your favorite World of Warcraft race?

Me: I don’t play World of Warcraft. Or online games in general. You forgot to tap your-

WoW guy: Oh c’mon, everyone’s played WoW at least once in their lives.


Oh That is It! You can suspect that I’m a prick who dislikes MLPFiM simply because I think it’s a girly show, and not because I didn’t like the plot, placing, and cliche (though not necessarily flat) characters. Sure it’s annoying but I can stand that. You can even think that I once did, or even still do Weed. Many great artists did weed! Fine! But Nobody…And I mean NObody…is allowed to think that I am a World of Warcraft Player! I take Personal Offense at this statement!

Though in retrospect he was probably just distracting me so I wouldn’t notice he didn’t tap his enchantment card. If so, it worked and I commend him on his deviously clever scheme.

My big annoyance with statements like “Everyone is a…” being used seriously is that it assumes that all people are the same, live in the same environment, and in the same social circles.

I met a person who was legitimately surprised to learn that not everyone has watched Star Wars. I hadn’t at the time. He thought I was living in a cave all of my life. I didn’t live in a cave, though that would be pretty badass, I was just never really interested in watching movies, popular or not.

It baffles me that there are some people who really think that Everyone in the world can fit into one specific category, like “Has Watched Star Wars” or “Like MLPFiM’s plot” or something so specific.

Here are some Not So Specific things not “Everyone” has.

  • Has watched a TV show
  • Lives in a house
  • Grew up in a house
  • Has two eyes
  • Has never grown hair all over one’s face
  • Doesn’t and never has had a horn

“Everyone” in the world can’t even fit into one of these categories (look up the last two, they’re quite interesting) and yet some people actually believe that “Everyone” can fit into categories like “Has played StarCraft” or “Thinks Megan Fox is Hot”






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