Short story


(The title is a lie. This post started as an improv but I had to stop writing the night I started for various reasons…and I planned out the rest of the story in between. Not all of it can be told here. It’ll be a two-parter)

I am going to improvise my own monster. A horror genre variety. I got the idea from reading some creepypasta just now (Literally. I did this between “Tonight I will attempt another Improvisation” and this current paragraph) Also SCP. I highly reccomend reading SCP Foundation if you’re a horror fan.

Ready? Begin!


My name is Dr.Ref Kan from the BlueDesert Corporations. I am actually a psychiatrist but I dabble more in the cryptozoologists fields than not. I was hired to interview a subject who we shall refer to as #022. I was informed before meeting him that #022 is a very important specimen. He is a man who seems to have made contact with what BlueDesert hopes to be a link something they’ve been hunting down for a long time. I was informed that #022 was prone to insane tantrums and bursts of hallucinations. My job is to attempt to diagnose his condition. If he shows symptoms of any kind of mental disorder I was to let the organisation know. They were hoping that I couldn’t diagnose him, I could tell.

We entered a large white room. There were to chairs and a desk. The corners of the desk were sandpapered off. They had an armed guard and a doctor enter an empty room. I sat down.

11:07 pm. #022 is brought into the room. He sits in a seat opposite to me. I ask him for his name. He tells me. The following dialog took place:

#022: Hiya Doc, they told you all of the, uh, the details, right?

Me: No [#022], they haven’t told me all that much. But I understand that you’re having hallucinations. Why don’t you tell me about them?

#022: He’s not a hallucination! I need you to convince them that I’m not hallucinating!

Me: Him?

#022: Yes…Him!

At this point #022 began to shiver and looked straight at the wall behind me. I myself took a look. There was nothing there as far as I could see. I decided to question him.

Me: I see. Why don’t you tell me all about…him?

#022: Don’t patronize me! You can’t see him! I know! Only I can see him! I see him all the time! No matter how hard I shake my head, or move my eyes, he always manages to stay within my field of vision! Jumping onto objects! Jumping through walls! Making solid objects invisible just so I can’t stop Seeing Him!

Me: Do you see him…right now?

#022: Always! Even when my eyes are closed! I can’t block him out!

At this point, #022 started to shake and stare at the wall behind me.

Me: What do you see when you look at me?

#022: H-He’s staring from over your shoulder!

Me: And what does “he” look like?

#022: He’s like a person…but skinned!

Me: skinned?

#022: Yes! And he’s always smiling! I’m always seeing it! That damn smile! All The Freakin’ Time!

Me: Well, why don’t you tell me all about this man. When did you start seeing this man? What has happened since?

#022: W-when? You want me to tell you?

Me: Yes.

The man looked over my shoulder. I thought he was asking the guards if he was allowed to tell, but the guard did not respond. A few seconds pass before he begins to talk again. During the following conversation #022 repeatedly shifts his stare to over my shoulder.

#022: I was working home from my job. I worked at a Quizno’s at the time. Then..then my head…it just started hurting like hell! It hurt for about…a minute? Was it a minute? Well, whatever, it hurt. Then I blacked out. When I woke up…That’s the first time I saw it. The skinned man! I screamed and ran the other way, but he-he was fast. He never left my line of sight! I-I didn’t know what to do! I couldn’t shake him off! So-so I ran to the police station. They were calling me nuts, and getting guys to hold me down…

Me: And you kept seeing it all throughout this?

#022: Yes. They put me in a cell and said that they were going to get help for me. I in a cell with a guard to keep me from hurting myself. Nobody could see the creature, so I tried…talking to it. I asked it questions, like, what it was…or why it was here…and where it came from-

At this point #022 stopped talking and reacted as someone who heard a dog bark would. He remained like this until I called out to him.

#o22: I-It doesn’t like me talking about…where it’s from, so please don’t ask me about that.

Me: So…you asked it questions. Did it respond?

#022: I-it looks like it knows what I’m saying…but it never speaks or answers my questions. It mostly just…F*cking…smiles…but sometimes it’s apparent that it doesn’t like what I’m doing sometimes and lets it be known…

Me: And how does it make it apparent?

#022: Do-do…do I have to answer?

Me: Not if you don’t want to.

#022: Then I won’t. So…some white suits came into the cell, and I thought they were taking me to the crazy house…I screamed that I wasn’t, you know, crazy…But they didn’t take me to anywhere that looked like a hospital to me. They took me…here. And the thing never left my sight since.

to be continued…


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