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Make the Most of Life

There are a lot of things to complain about in life, is’t there? Line ups, stains, buses breaking down in the middle of a trip, that sort of thing. Well, you know what they say. Make the most out of life. And when they say make the most out of life they generally mean make the most out of the good times and the bad times.

What are some things that annoy me?

Youtube advertisements? I use these to check the volume on my laptop, write a sentence on my projects (progress is progress), give my eyes a break from the glare on the screen, and if the advertisement is interesting enough I might not mind watching it.

Long Line up? I always bring a small notebook with me to get some writing done for these moments. Sometimes I write out my next blog post during these long line ups. For none writers, assuming you don’t have a fancy smart phone to entertain yourself with you can always use get to know the guys around you. Of course they might not be the most friendly people, but if they are they can be the difference between an agonizingly slow line up and a small wait that went by without much notice.

Getting splashed  by a vehicle. Yeah, it’s very difficult to make this fun, but if you can, I’ll recognize you as an elite at making the most of your life. Maybe you can use this opportunity to exaggerate the rottenness of your day to coworkers or family members. “You have No idea what I went through to get here! First I missed my bus! Then a car splashed me! When I turned to yell at him Another Car splashed me! I moved away from the puddle and another car splashed me with another puddle! So I avoided the road, right? Just walked along a park so I wouldn’t have to walk along the puddle filled road. Then, what do you know, some skateboarding kid splashes me! Then my jacket starts staining and apparently one of the stains looks like an anti-religious symbol, here, I think this one right here, and some guy starts getting angry at me! Giving me Sh*t because a Goddamned stain!”

When the bus stops working in between stops. Well, I guess exercise won’t kill me. In fact, it’s not exercising that will kill me! So maybe I’ll walk to the next stop. Heck, I’ll jog. (This actually happened to me the other day, and I was holding a heavy load. Felt rewarding when I made it to the next stop in time)

So you see, life does make it difficult to enjoy it. Constantly. Enjoyment of life is something that must be earned through hard work, vigilance, and an attitude that won’t wear out from freak inconveniences.


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