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Any GURPs people here?

A call to anyone who plays GURPS? Anyone?

I was browsing a second-hand bookstore called BMV books, it’s where I get almost all of my books, when I came across a strange book. It was called GURPs Characters. The cover had a picture of a sentai team (like power rangers), a dinosaur, a medieval fantasy warrior, and some kind of superhero. This seemed to me like a strange mix, so I thought, why not. I picked it up and read through it. Oh I see, I thought, This is a RPG book. The RPG didn’t have a level system but a points system. What a strange concept, I thought. You could gain points by giving yourself disadvantages and used points to give yourself strengths.

I decided to have a go at it. Me and my friends already played another tabletop RPG (homemade, not unlike Dungeons and Dragons) every now and then (if it’s possible to be a casual tabletop gamer, we were) so we agreed to try it out. Well, I can’t say it ended well, and we decided  to go back to our game (It’s more fun when you make your own rules! Like, you get three Gold Coins for every two push ups you can do. I ended up with sixty three coins each time)

This doesn’t mean I’m no longer interested in GURPS, it’s just I no longer play with my friends. If anyone has a tale to tell of their GURPS or any other tabletop game session, I’d be glad to hear of it.

Well, since I’m on the topic of RPGs, how about this casual online RPG game? It’s called Mechquest, a flash RPG based on a sci-fi setting where Mechas are the main method of settling conflicts. I use to play this quite a lot, and now I play it every now and then when I remember it and I’m bored. I’m playing it right now as I write this, actually. (Incidentally, if anyone actually does start playing this by clicking the link below my character will benefit from it. Not that it’ll affect the clicker in any way, so I hope you don’t think I’m leeching off of you guys or something).

This is actually the only Online game I play. I don’t play much anymore. so, that’s all folks, and enjoy Life.


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