Did You Know…

Did you know that butterflies taste with their legs? I want that ability so I can step on a chocolate cupcake to troll my friends (though that would be more of eating with my legs, not tasting)

Did you know that Kirby from Hal’s Laboratory actually never smiled in his first game? The pink bubbly super smash character was quite the stoic until the end of his next game, Kirby’s adventure.

Did you know that the original Godzilla was a horror movie? God it was disturbing! (Not that that is a bad thing at all)

Did you know that burying a Viagra next to a ficus will prevent it from dying? I wonder if it’s growth is affected in any way

Did you know that pilgrims never wore belt hats? Those wouldn’t be invented for a long time after the pilgrims came to America

Did you know that the original term was “Just Deserts” , not “Just Desserts?” Just Deserts depicted justice as harsh and difficult. Just Desserts just makes justice sound sweet and inviting.

Did you know glass is Not a liquid? It’s commonly stated that glass is just a liquid of high viscosity, but it isn’t. It is as solid as any kind of metal.

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte…was shortokayI’veobviouslyranoutofideasgoodbye


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