Edge of early Spring

It is not spring time at the day (actually night) of this writing, but I wanted to talk about spring. I don’t want to talk about all of Spring, just one small portion of it that lasts along a week or so. It is the portion that comes between the end of snowfall and the budding of leaves. It is that first few days of spring where you’re free of that extra weight, that warm coat you depended on all winter like a tortoises shell.

You take off your heavy coat, walk outside and look around to see…nothing. No grass. No leaves on the trees. No insects to fly around or crawl on the ground. You see nothing. It’s like autumn, instead of everybody leaving you, everybody’s still just arriving.

The temperature is just right, but only you are out. Only you weathered winter and only you get a front row seat to world.

It’s a bit like waking up early on a weekend and not going back to sleep. Nobody’s around yet. If you walk outside there aren’t any cars on the road and the earth is quiet. It’s a heavenly feeling.



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