Improvisation / Short story / writing

Improvisation is Maximization!

Time to Maximize my potential in the world of writing through More Improv!

This time, no random word generators.

No Time to think.

It’s just write and write and write.




Jenna Wiern woke up to the sound of an argument. She heard her mother, her voice on the verge of tears, and the sound of unfamiliar men. It sounded like the type of violent argument that adults liked to call “civil discussion”. Jenna got out from her bed and walked out of her bedroom. She quietly walked on out to the stairway. She listened to the voices.

“I’m afraid the matter is about money, an amount we couldn’t possibly ask you for” the voice she didn’t recognize said. She heard her mother speak but she couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Hearing one’s mother cry was the worst thing one could ever hear.

“Even so, S.O is doing everything it can to get your daughter’s term finished up already, but we can not guarantee she will come home by this year’s end. Yes we know she should have come home two years ago but many…incidents have occured to hinder her return.” the voices said. Then Jenna’s mother spoke again and once again Jenna did not understand her mother’s words. The horrible conversation continued until the men left. Jenna heard her mother crying down the stairs. She walked down.

Her mother was sitting down on the sofa, tearful. Jenna walked towards her and hugged her around her waist.

“Momma? What’s wrong?” she asked. her mother wiped her eyes.

“It’s just your sister, Jenna.” Her mother said. Jenna understood the situation a little bit better. Her sister seemed to make mother cry a lot. Jenna herself had not seen her sister in two years, since she was six.

“She isn’t coming home yet?” Jenna asked. Her mom shook her head silently. she looked lost, which is not something a child wants to see in a mother. Mothers are supposed to guide their children when they are lost. Jenna shouldn’t have needed to be the one guiding her mother, but recently she had gotten used to doing just that.

“I’ll make breakfast today, okay mother?” said Jenna.

“No, Jenna, mommy’s okay. I’ll make breakfast.” her mother said, getting up.

“No, it’s okay momma,” Jenna insisted. She ran off to the kitchen. Her mother watched her and sat back down, crying in silence in shame.

In the kitchen Jenna grabbed a box of cereal and poured it in a bowl. She knew cereal wasn’t an adult’s breakfast, but when she was upset cereal was what made her feel better. Jenna poured the cereal into a bowl. She opened the fridge. Drat. They were all out of milk. She should have checked before pouring the cereal. Using her hands Jenna scooped the cereal out of the bowl and put it back into the box. She knew if her mother saw her leave the house she would make breakfast herself, and she often hurt herself when trying to cook while crying. Jenna quietly opened the back door walked to their neighbor’s house. She knocked on the door. An elderly lady opened.

“Hello Jenna, what can I do for you?” said the lady.

“Hello Mrs.Ymes,” said Jenna. She had memorized what to say next; “My momma’s crying again and I’m cooking breakfast. May I borrow some milk, please?”

“Oh no,” Mrs.Ymes said, “Is she okay? Should I come over to help?”

“No no, momma wants to be alone for now. I’m trying to make cereal,” Jenna knew to not mention anything about her sister, or the stranger voices who visited this morning. Mrs.Ymes went back inside and came back with a plastic bag of milk.

“Here, and don’t drop it.” Mrs. Ymes said. She handed Jenna the milk bag.

“Thank you.” Jenna said.

“Why don’t you ask your mother to take you to town today?” said Mrs. Ymes, “There’s a festival today and it might help to cheer her up. She seems to be crying a lot nowadays.”

Uh oh, danger, thought Jenna.

“No, actually she’s just crying because she lost…her paperwork! She’s just a little bit upset and I’m making breakfast to cheer her up! It’s a surprise.” said Jenna.

“Oh, really?” said Mrs. Ymes 

[I have to go…Library computers have limited time…till next Post, to be continued!]




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