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Freedom in Law

How should I explain the appropriate amount of freedom in law? This is how.

Picture two endless white plains. On both plains draw a circle. 

Now on one of those papers, fill in the circle totally black. On the other, fill in everything but the circle as black. 

The black represents actions that are forbidden, whereas the white represents the actions that we are free to make. These are what you get: the above represents ideal Liberty while the bottom represents the ideal totalitarianism.


In an ideal country, the actions we take, the directions we can steer our lives is infinite. There are a few things that are off-limits: these are the law. In an ideal Totalitarianism the actions one can take are limited and restricted by the government.  

This is how I’m going to explain the relations between the law and freedom to my children, unless I find a better one. I wonder if this post will be controversial? I don’t think so, but I’m not really ready if it does…


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