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Horror story continued… (The Beings)

I didn’t get to finish my horror story from the last posting. Really, I don’t actually feel like finishing, and there are other stories I’d much rather be working o at the moment, but as a writer (yes, I do say that unnecessarily often, don’t I?) I guess I’ll have to finish it. (grumble)

Anyway, the story’s main character is a psychiatrist/cryptozoologist who is hired by the BlueDesert Corporation to communicate with and diagnose a “patient”. The “patient” , classified as #022, claims to be followed by a humanoid monster who, despite his best efforts, always remains within his eyesight, even being able to appear behind opaque objects. This is the story.

(2:00 AM) The patient had been asleep for a while. He began to lose control of himself and acted as if he was being attacked by something after our last conversation. He had to be sedated. Indeed, I learned that the moment I left the man had screamed about being attacked by the creature he described. His condition doesn’t match any known psychiatric conditions, so technically my work is done. But they say it took a long time to get him to speak with me. It would be a waste of the institution’s efforts if I left now. If I can get #022 to open up to me, perhaps I can be of further use.

(2:30 AM) I admit that I am quite fatigued at this point, waiting for the next chance to speak with #022.  I have taken to reading his profile provided to me from the Bluedesert Corporation.  It has been heavily censored. What I can understand is as follows:

#022 grew up in a rural neighborhood. He had no history of dealing recreational drugs, including alcohol, cigarettes. #022 was first confirmed by the Bluedesert Corporation to be a victim of the humanoid that follows him, which the company has named C1#002, or “The Stalker”. It struck me as strange that the Bluedesert corporation had a name for the creature #022 always saw, but I could not remember at the time why. Apparently the patient needs to be sedated once around every two days due to being “attacked” and convulsing. The patient is also suffering from paranoia and requires therapy from a therapist known as Madame Chois (pronounces Kwas) to remain calm. Madame Chois was a worker for Bluedesert. Interesting

[Unfortunately, I must end this post here…to be continued. Promise.]


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