Movie Fallacies #1

Why does every gun in a movie sound like a shotgun?

I mean, they all make a BANG sound. Like, a real explosive sound. A real gun sounds like a…

well, it sounds a lot less threatening that you’d think. Sort of like an exploding firecracker, the kind you lit on the roads and watch them fly into the air. A loud, but tame “SPLAT” noise.

Maybe all the cop movies were low-sci fi movies and I just didn’t know it.

“In a world where cops and criminals carried single-hand shot guns that work like regular handguns but were capable of making impressive explosive noises, one man seeks justice. He is…Popper! Carrying a twentieth century revolver, The Popper carries out Justice, sneakily and unimpressive…”

Nah. It’s just a mistake. There used to be a common and incredibly amusing fallacy where a bullet would launch whoever it hit flying in the air, but I don’t see much of that anymore.


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