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Magic in the RV part 5

This is the fifth part of this story. Still improvising all the way, though I do have a vague idea of how this will end. Also, I won’t be doing the italics thing again. I don’t know what was in my mind when I started doing it but it’s been a pain in the butt.

Jenna could hear the crowd behind them cheer and she knew that The Amazing Candiler had began his next show.

“Momma?” Jenna said, “Did you say Candiler’s dad’s name is Hermes?”

“Yes dear. He’s named after the God who delivered messages from mount Olympus.” said Katelyn.

“Oh. I was going to say it was a funny name, but if it’s a God’s name I guess I can’t.”

“Oh, I don’t know dear. Gods can have imperfect names too.”

“What makes a name imperfect?”

“I don’t know, honey. What else do you want to see?”

Jenna looked around. There was still a lot of the festival to enjoy, but Jenna couldn’t wait to see The Amazing Candiler’s performance again. She wondered what other tricks he had done before she came. Even her mother seemed to forget her troubles watching the performance.


Somewhere far away on the island of Comrade Lyo, previously named St.Elmo Island, the Church of Solar Old stood. The large castle like building, surrounded by a flat field of grass. The front entrance of the castle was old and impressive. The outer wall was made of old black stone. The door was new, though. The old wooden one with the crosses carved into it was replaced by a modern mahogany one painted red.

In the front lobby was a rather neat and clean room. A receptionist stood in the room, organizing papers. There was an a metal door beside her.

The receptionist was named Kelly Klarke, as her table name sign thing(I don’t know what they’re called) displayed. Ms. Klarke picked up her freshly organized papers and straightened them. There was a wailing noise from behind the door behind her. She cringed until they stopped. Wiping her brow, Ms. Klarke resumed her paperwork. She opened up an organizing drawer and placed the papers neatly into the files. There was another cry and howl that sent a shiver into her spine. She had been working here at the Church of Solar Old for two years and still had nightmares induced by the sad howls.

Ms. Klarke finished filing away her papers and went back to the computer monitor. There was another lengthy cry that was ended with the perpetrator being led away. Ms. Klarke sighed softly. She kept a calm persona but a part of her, the part she learned to keep deep inside herself cried for and with that girl. Having a sense of humanity got in the way of her paperwork.

The door behind her opened. A tall man in a blue suit walked through. He was blonde, balding slightly, had a sharp gaze and a flat nose.

“Ms. Klarke, has Comrade Wiern and Comrade Legg finished their repentance yet?” he said.

“Not just yet, sir. Neither of them have signed in as of yet.”

“She’s had all day to finish. Perhaps I should go see what the hold up is? If they don’t finish soon, they’ll skip dinner.”

Ms. Klarke could list quite a few reasons the two girls hadn’t finished their repentance but she kept her mouth closed.

“Uh,  Comrade Solus Joseph?”

“Yes, Ms. Klarke?” said the man.

“I was wondering what to do with all the letters we have been getting, regarding the well being of the new recruits.”

“Send them to Comrade Solus Gates, madame. He shall look over them.”

“Ah,” said Ms Klarke. “Yes, of course sir.” The letters would never be read.

“Goodbye,” said Comrade Solus Joseph. He walked out the door. Ms Klarke took the letters. They were all pleas from parents and family members. She sighed and put them in Comrade Solus Gate’s file cabinet.


The parking lot of the Church of the Solar Old was empty save for a few lone cars and two girls who were scrubbing the walls. Jules Wiern and Trisha Legg scrubbed with lousy half brushes. The two of them had their clothes covered in oil and grime.

Jules was exhausted. Her hand ached from hours from scrubbing the entire North wall of the second parking lot floor. She was not even two thirds done. Trisha was just as tired. She couldn’t even focus her brushing properly.

They heard a voice of authority behind them.

“How is the job holding out?”

The two spun around.

“Comrade Solus Joseph!” Jules Wiern said.

“We’re, uh…we’re getting there…” Trisha said.

“It’ll be dinner time soon. You’ll miss your meals if you don’t finish soon comrades,” Joseph said. “Surely you haven’t skipped through lunch to deal with this repentance?”

“Breakfast too,” said Trisha.

“It’s difficult…you see, Comrade Solus Ravensten only allowed us half a brush each, you see,” said Jules.

“And why do you only have half a brush each?” Joseph asked.

“Because all comrades are one until our choosing,” Jules and Trisha said simultaneously.

“Exactly. It is very important to remember that. But missing all of your meals is unfortunate…what sins are you repenting for again, comrades?” said Joseph.

“Nodding off in sermon,” said Trisha

“I chose to defend Trisha. They gave me the same punishment as her,” Jules said. Joseph nodded.

“Both serious sins. Disrespectful to the Gods. But I think you’ve learned your lessons, so I think I’ll go ask Comrade Solus Ravensten for leniency.”

“Will you, Comrade Solus?” Trisha said.

“I’ll try. You two continue your tasks,” with that, Joseph turned and walked out of the parking lot. Jules continued scrubbing with Trisha.

“God, I hope we can get off this before dinner,” Trisha said.

“I know. I’m so hungry…” Jules said.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep during that sermon,” Trisha said.

“Just keep scrubbing. And it was not your fault. You were up all night cleaning the dumpsters with Jane, right?”

“Yeah, I would have fallen asleep anyway. There’s nothing more boring than those damn sermons!”

“I would find them interesting if I didn’t have to believe everything they tell me. I mean, I just can’t believe half the things they’re expecting me to buy!”

“You mean like how Guedis fought with Gretch and Godus in a giant whale?”

“I got in trouble for suggesting that there was a spelling mistake in my book. I had to clean the fountain with a toothbrush.”

“What was the mistake?”

“When we read that Geudis hit the Manus King over the head with his cock, I thought the book meant rock. Turns out, Geudis really did hit the king over the head with a dead rooster.”

“And they expect us to take this seriously?”

“Shush! Joseph’s coming back!”

Comrade Solus Joseph walked up to the two girls. He held up a whole brush.

“Unfortunately they only have one whole brush available. Good luck cleaning the walls.” Joseph handed Jules the brush and headed off.

Jules looked down at her brush. Trisha gave a noise of exasperation and slid down the dirty wall. Jules just gave a sigh and dropped the half brush. She continued cleaning the walls. Trisha just sat there. Jules looked down at Trisha.

“You know, for all we’re complaining,” Jules said, “we’re much better off than a lot of the rest of the girls.” Trisha just nodded. Jules brushed alone for a while before Trisha got back up. She took Jules’s half brush and scrubbed the walls with two hands.


Jenna looked up at the sky. The sky was still blue and full of clouds. She guessed Candiler wasn’t doing any tricks with the sky because it hadn’t changed at all.

“Stopped looking up like that, you’ll strain your neck.” Katelyn said, with a french fry in her mouth.

“You look up too, momma!” Jenna said.

“Now you’re just talking nonsense, eat your chicken fingers,” said Katelyn. But even as she said that she wasn’t looking at Jenna but at the horizon sky just above Jenna’s head. Just how did that little boy do all of those tricks? They were unbelievable.

Hermes was sweet, but he didn’t tell Katelyn anything about how the magic tricks were done. He said that he couldn’t tell her how the tricks were done because it would “ruin their business.” Katelyn couldn’t see how simply knowing how those tricks were done would ruin the experience as they were simply too amazing to ruin.

Jenna pushed away her chicken fingers.

“I’m not hungry anymore, Momma. Can we go play the balloon game?”

“That game is harder than it looks, you know.”

“You told me that already. I think I can do it! I got good at my friend Benson’s house! He’s got this game called Duck Hunt, where you shoot ducks. I played it and I shot all of the ducks!”

“That sounds like a bad game, dear. I didn’t know you played such games at Benson’s house.”

“Mom, I told you about this last week and you didn’t complain,” Jenna said.

“Did you? Couldn’t be, because there is no way I would let you play such a violent-”

Katelyn stopped in surprise as Jenna hugged her tightly.

“J-Jenna! What’s wrong, dear? Why are you hugging me right now?”

“Because, um,” Jenna let go of her mom, “because I really want to play the balloon game! That’s why.”

Katelyn looked down at Jenna’s happy face. She smiled.

“Okay. But just three darts, okay?”

“Yeah!” Jenna got up from the table and went to the balloon game.

“Wait up Jenna!” Katelyn said, putting the chicken fingers and french fries into a plastic container. Then she got up and went to her daughter to the balloon game.

[That’s all I’ve got for now! Tune in next time at Magic in the RV part 6!]

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