Dog bowl Fish food?

Just two days ago I went to probably the best buffet place I have ever experienced in my young life. We were celebrating my Aunt’s Birthday and wanted to try out this new place that had just opened.

My immediate reaction to entering the place was amazement. The eye candy was astounding. There were realistic fake trees in the area. The lanterns hung around were beautiful. The whole area was stunningly beautiful.

When we were seated we were told that drinks were included in the bill. That automatically earns no small number of points in my books. To make things better they served not Canada Dry, which is a tasty ginger ale that’s really popular here in Ontario, but Schweppes, which I find much tastier.

The food was splendid. I wanted to sample everything they had to offer, and I nearly accomplished that. It was also the first time I managed to go through an entire buffet without feeling like crap after, though that might have had to do with a new eating ritual I go through (it’s called chewing).

All in all, everything was 100%m, five star, fantastic. However, and this is the biggest however I’ve made in my life, there was one minor setback to the entire night…

Me and my brother went to the front entrance ahead of everybody else. It was then that we saw it. The front entrance had a koi fish fountain. There was a small island in the middle of the fountain. There was a dogbowl with, I kid you not, koi fish feed on top of it…

…what? Did…did they even think this through? There was a dog bowl full of fish food for the koi.

Koi were trying to strand themselves to reach the dog bowl…

Whose bright idea was this? I get that maybe they didn’t study biology but even so I’m certain you don’t need a high school education to realize that fish don’t work this way! Really!

Really, the restaraunt was fabulous, five stars easy. I really wish them the best of success because they deserve it…but why the Koi dog bowl? What was the reasoning?


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