Cave Story is Awesome!

I just got the game and it is amazing.

Travelling through caves, guns a blazing

Mysterious man with big red eye gazing

Is setting up a plan that involves red flower medication

that makes cute bunnies go a rampagin’

all for his plan of world domination

Blast away threats without a fazin’

for you’re a badass robot Asian                                              (possibly)

Who deals with serious threats like, cave ins,

monsters, red spikes, and rabbit mutations.

Find the girl bot, uh oh, she’s amnesia-ing                  (It’s the verb for amnesia, not a word, I know.)

Find the mushroom, but have patience

for he’s a master of provocation 

Fight the witch with lots of lazer’ing

and the doctor, Lets’ a taser him

fight them both and a giant zeppelin

and the bunny version of Kanzuki Karin

If you think you’ve won it will be disappointing

when once again you must go cave maze’ing                         (again, not a word)

but the following level is amazin’                                          (crap, I’ve used that already)

Fight the the final boss

You Won!

Ten out of Ten       <- (that’s what I give this game)



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