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Magic in the RV 6

I just realize now what the title implies. Oops. Anyway, lets get it on!


Magic in the RV 6

Throwing Darts to pop balloons. Throwing rings at bottles. Riding the Ferris Wheel multiple times. So far this day had been almost perfect for Jenna. Right now she was riding on a spinning teacup.

She watched the world around her turn to an incomprehensible whirl. She thought the festival looked better from a “spinning-very-fast-point-of-view”. She couldn’t make out all the whining kids and litter.

The only thing she could see that wasn’t a blur was her mother who sat next to her on the ride. Her long hair flew in the air. Jenna wanted to hold on to her mother, partly because Katelyn was so tall she looked as if she could fly out of the cup, and partly because she thought she herself could fly out of the cup. Katelyn had assured her that the seat belts would hold her but she wasn’t sure her mother understood how light she was. She hadn’t been making her breakfasts for quite some time.

The ride slowed down and came to a stop. Katelyn helped Jenna off the ride. They walked down the festival path. There was much more litter to avoid then during the morning. Katelyn looked around. She didn’t usually shop downtown, and wondered what the place would look like without the festival. She spotted a lot of stores behind the booths and rides.

“Momma, can we come downtown more often?” Jenna said.

“Why would we come downtown when there’s no festival?” Katelyn asked.

“Because I saw some interesting stores! There was a candy store, and a store that sells colorful things, and I saw a store that sold balloons-”

“I’ll think about it, Jenna. I’m very busy with work on the weekdays, and the weekends…” Katelyn sighed.

Jenna pressed on, refusing to be discouraged. “But the balloon place was really cool! They had a big sign with a bunch of dancing balloons, and they were all the long kinds that when you blow in makes a long salami shaped balloon, and-”

“Uh, yeah. We’re not going to visit that store dear,” Katelyn interrupted, “Ever. The other two maybe, but let’s not go to that one.”

“Um, okay. But what about the other two?”

“I’ll think about the other two, Jenna. Oh, look! It’s Candiler!” Katelyn pointed at a large crowd of people surrounding the The Amazing Candiler sign. Candiler could be heard announcing his final trick, to turn the sky into an upside down version of the fiery pits of hell. Jenna heard his father yell at him and Candiler corrected himself. Jenna giggled.

“Alright! Alright! I was just joking! …Really…So anyways, I’m going to turn the sky into an ocean, okay?” Candiler said lamely. He then lazily flicked his hand into his hand with a pouting face.

While the rest of the crowd, including Katelyn, stared into the sky in awe as it turned into an enormous ocean, Jenna couldn’t help but laugh at the way Candiler performed this epic trick. Luckily, not many people noticed. Jenna looked up at the ocean in the sky, still laughing. It was different than the last time Jenna saw Candiler create one. There were more whirlpools than before.

Then Jenna had a thought. She looked back at the people who were not part of the crowd. They were walking along, enjoying the festival as if nothing was happening. No one looked up at the ocean filled sky. Nobody even looked at the crowd.

Maybe it’s a trick only people watching the show can see, Jenna thought. That would explain why the sky did not turn into an ocean when she was enjoying the festival with her mother.

“Thank you very much for watching! That was our last show for today, but we’ll definitely be back next year! Please give us some money, because frankly, Dad and I are having trouble affording a place to park our RV!” Candiler said, waving his wooden bowl around. “Contribute to The Amazing Candiler Show by allowing us to buy food!”

People laughed and threw loose change and even some bills into the wood bowl. Somehow none of the bills or coins missed the bowl, as if the bowl was steering the money towards it. Jenna ran to Candiler as the crowd dispersed.

“Candiler!” Jenna shouted. Candiler waved at her with his bowl, amazingly still catching the coins and bills in the process.

“Hey Jenna!” he said. After most of the crowd had left Candiler gave his father the wooden bowl.

“Son, why did you tell them I couldn’t afford food? We have enough money to afford groceries for three weeks! Somebody could have alerted child services,” his father was saying.

“I was just playing up their sympathy dad,” Candiler said regretfully.

“Next time stick to the script. And were you really going to turn the sky into a fiery pit?”

“Not of hell! I was just going to turn the sky into a fiery fake hell, then into an ocean to wash away the fire!”

“You could have given people a heart attack! At least the ocean is blue like the sky. Oh well,” his father sighed, “Hey look, it’s Katelyn and her daughter.”

“I know, I’m going to talk to Jenna now,” Candiler said. He ran over to Jenna. “Hey Jenna! Did you see the whole show?”

“No, I just got here,” Jenna said. “It was still amazing, though!”

“Oh,” Candiler looked disappointed. “You missed some great stuff! First, I turned someone’s cup of coffee into a flower vase! He wanted his coffe back though, so I turned it back, but I made it fuller than before. My dad says I was showing off but he didn’t seem to mind. Then, I turned my whole body into a mirror-”

“I saw you do that one before!” Jenna said. “That one was amazing!”

“Thanks,” Candiler said. “Say, did you enjoy the festival?”

Jenna looked at her mother who was talking to Candiler’s dad again. “Yeah, I did. My mom really did too!”

“Your mom?” Candiler said, perplexed. He always thought festivals were for the children like him and Jenna. His father didn’t enjoy festivals as much as he did.

“Yeah. She’s been sad for a long time ever since my sister, wait, I told you about that already. But today she looked like she was having a good time!” Jenna said happily.

“That’s good. It’s too bad the festival’s only today, though.” Candiler said,

“Yeah,” Jenna said sadly. Then she smiled, “But she said she might take me downtown again to shop.”

“That’s great!” Candiler said. His dad always took him shopping in different cities they visited. He always enjoyed it and he knew his dad did too.

“By the way,” Jenna said, “Is it true your dad’s name is Hermes?”

“Huh? Yeah how did you know?” Candiler said.

“My mom said so. She said it was the name of a God,” Jenna said.

“My dad always hated his name.” Candiler said.

While Candiler and Jenna chatted, Katelyn laughed.

“So, your son wasn’t telling the truth about needing a place to rent?” she said.

“Oh no, we have plenty of money right now. My son’s tricks bring in quite the sum of money. I have enough money to afford food for weeks.” Hermes assured Katelyn.

“And the way he said it while holding the money bowl, it was so…” Katelyn broke down laughing. Hermes chuckled as well.

“Yeah, he never follows the script we write completely,” Hermes said, “He’s always making stuff up, adding his own brand of flavor into his performance.”

“He was so cute when he looked disappointed that he wasn’t going to, what was it, turn the sky into the flaming depths of hell?” Katelyn said.

“Yeah, I don’t know where he gets this stuff. Probably from books he reads.” Hermes chuckled.

“He’s a reader?” Katelyn said, “I’m trying to get my little Jenna to read, but she doesn’t like it.”

“Oh, I think reading is very important for children. It opens their minds and makes learning easier for them. I spend a lot of money on second hand books for Candiler,” Hermes said.

“My husband used to think the same thing. He was going to  make Jenna read some of his favorite novels before he…” Katelyn shook her head. Hermes remained silent patiently.

“Well,” Katelyn continued, “Now I’m trying to get Jenna to read, but I don’t think she’s interested.”

“It’s really up to child themselves,” Hermes said, “Candiler was interested in reading so I didn’t have to prompt him too much. I’m glad that he was able to get into reading himself without my help, because I don’t think I have the energy to help him as well as driving us around, and planning shows, and keeping up with my freelance writing, and so forth.”

“It sounds like you’re really busy taking care of Candiler by yourself. Preparing all of those magic tricks must take up a lot of your time,” Katelyn said.

“Yeah. It does take a lot of energy, but we get by.” Hermes shrugged. “As a parent, I can’t really choose to not work, you know? We have to take care of the kid no matter how much else we have on our minds and schedules. I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Katelyn bit her lip guiltily. Hermes did not notice and was looking at the two kids. Jenna and Candiler seemed to get along well. It made him happy to see them having fun, but also made him somber. Candiler didn’t have any friends his age. Life on the road did not make for permanent friends. He wondered what the two of them were talking about?

“You mean only people watching your show can see the your magic?” said Jenna.

“Yeah, it would get pretty chaotic if I let everyone in the park saw the sky turn into an ocean,” Candiler said.

“What’s chaotic mean?” Jenna asked

“It means everyone would panic and start running around in circles. You know, like in cartoons.” Candiler said.

“How do you do that?” Jenna asked.

“I can’t tell you,” Candiler said.

“Because it would ruin the show,” said Jenna.

“Would it really?” Candiler said, worried.

“Well, not really. Your tricks are too cool to ruin!” Jenna said.

“Thanks, I’m sorry I can’t tell you.” Candiler said.

“Jenna! Come here!” Katelyn called out.

“Candiler! I have something to tell you,” Hermes said.

Jenna looked at Candiler. Candiler looked back at her.

“What do you think they want to say to us?” Jenna asked.

“I have no idea,” Candiler said.

“Come!” Hermes said. Candiler and Jenna ran to their parents.
“What’s going on?” Jenna asked.

“Jenna, Candiler and his father are going to park their RV at our driveway tonight.” Katelyn said.

“We are?” Candiler said.

“Really?” Jenna said.

“Yeah,” Hermes said, “Jenna’s mom isn’t going to charge us a cent.”

“Woo hoo!” Candiler said. He turned to Katelyn, “Thank you Mrs. um, Jenna’s mom.”

“So Candiler can stay at our house?” Jenna said.

“Well, he’ll sleep in his RV, but yeah, he’s staying at our house.” Katelyn said.

“But wait,” Candiler said, “I thought we booked a spot at a parking lot close to our next show.”

“I’m going to call up the parking lot owner and tell him to cancel our reservation. Katelyn’s home is closer to our next show,” Hermes said.

“So they can stay you guys can stay for two nights, then you can do your show at the Centerdale Mall, then come back for one more night,” Katelyn said.

“Cool!” Jenna said, “We’ve got a wizard staying with us!”

“You do? Oh wait, you mean me. Cool!” Candiler said.

Hermes smiled down at Candiler and Jenna.


That’s all for part 6. Tune in Next time!

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