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It’s Time to Improvise!

Today I shall write a poem based on a series I watch and love…

And here




What do you see when you open your eyes in this splendor

A world inconceivable in our present

for it calls the future its home

brought about by the chaos that is man’s lust

with things light up the skies in flames

There is no equilibrium in this new earth

aside from the consistence that is

the unfamiliar

the never before seen

and the lust to adventure

This World

First it was a child

The warrior of white and blue

and the dog roamed

and all seemed well

There were laughs there were tears

But the laughter was louder

Then the world grew

And began to brood

The devil rose from hell

Bonds were questioned

The skeleton struck

The laughter remained as loud as ever

But accompanying it was its more somber brother

Then at last the world grew 

And revealed to its inhabitants

The depth it was capable of

A cold man’s past is proven colder than he

with a child he cannot care for forever

One bond breaks and another flares to life

Though the hero boldly trudges on

his friend must care for his unborn young

Everything’s changing 

And the laughter

though strong as ever

Now sings its song in a duet with story

…Yeah, I bet Nobody will guess what show I’m talking about. I never knew how pretentious I could get…Ah well, that’s why I call this improvising. See you next post!


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