Magic in the RV 7

Here’s another chapter of Magic in the RV

Jules Wiern and Trisha never finished their task of cleaning the entire North Wall of the parking lot. They had once again missed dinner, but Comrade Solus Joseph had been merciful and provided Jules with a granola bar. She ate it hungrily and drank from a drinking fountain before returning to her sleeping quarters. Soon it would be nine o’clock. All members of the Church of Solus Old aside from the Solus level Comrades were to return to their sleeping quarters at nine o’clock though they weren’t expected to sleep until ten to eleven. The members were encouraged to spend the extra hour in their room reading from their religious texts.

Jules had no intention of doing so tonight. She was so tired from her task that she planned on sleeping that extra hour away. Jules Wiern shared a bed with fellow comrades Kelly Late and Tiff Ghotcheth. Both girls were the same age as Jules. Kelly was a tall girl with blonde hair. She was a head taller than Jules. She had blue eyes and freckles and spoke as if she constantly had something in her mouth. Tiff was as tall as Jules and shared similar hairstyles. When her back was turned, people said they sometimes mixed the two of them up.

“Jules, did you take a shower?” Tiff said when Jules came in.

“I couldn’t. I didn’t finish my penance before the showers closed,” Jules said.

“Are you done now at least?” Tiff asked.

“Not even close. They said I can finish it tomorrow,” said Jules.

“Huh? What?” Kelly took off her headphones. She wasn’t listening to any music, but a CD version of the religious texts they were meant to read.

“Nothing, Kelly. Say, did you manage to sneak any food from dinner?” Jules asked.

“No, sorry. Comrade Mexx was supervising. I didn’t want to risk getting caught by her of all people,” Kelly said.

“No luck then.”

Jules sat down on her bed. She pulled the covers up to her neck and closed her eyes. Kelly put her headphones back on.

“Who were you doing your penance with?” Tiff asked.

“Trisha. The red haired girl in our mathematics class,” said Jules lying down.

“Her? I never notice her much,” Tiff said. “Damn, that means you had to scrub with half brushes.”

“Comrade Solus Joseph came sometime after lunch and gave us one whole brush to use,” Jules said.

“That’s practically nice for a Solus,” Tiff said.

“Yeah,” Jules said sleepily. A little while later she was asleep.


“And the bathroom is over there,” said Katelyn, walking up the stairs, showing Hermes and Candiler the upstairs.

“It’s seen better days, hasn’t it?” Hermes said, looking inside of it. There were broken tiles everywhere. The bathtub and toilet were clean but not the floors, sink, or even the bath curtains.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t had much time to clean anything other than the bathtub and toilet,” Katelyn said, looking embarrassed. Candiler looked at the horribly filthy bathroom. He shuddered at the thought of having to bathe in it. He looked at his father and poked one finger up. His finger was glowing slightly. His father looked down at Candiler and firmly shook his head.

“Anyway, down the hall is Jenna’s bedroom. You’ll that notice it doesn’t have a door.” Katelyn walked them to a doorway with no door in it. Candiler looked in the room. There was a bunch of stuffed animals with a layer of dust on it. The floor was covered in dust and little hairpieces everywhere. Obviously nobody had cleaned the room for a long time.

“The reason there’s no door is because my little girl gets so afraid of the dark sometimes.” Katelyn said.

“Mom!” Jenna called out from downstairs. “Stop telling Candiler this stuff!”

“Sorry honey.” Katelyn said. Then she giggled. She motioned Candiler and Hermes out of the room. The three of them walked downstairs.

“And that’s our entire house,” Katelyn said.

“It’s a really nice one,” Hermes said.

“Some of the rooms need a little cleaning though,” said Candiler.

“Oh, me and Candiler can help you with that tomorrow,” said Hermes.

“Oh no! I couldn’t ask you to do that,” Katelyn said.

“I know. That’s why I’m offering. Consider it a little payment for letting us use your parking lot and bathroom,” said Hermes. Katelyn could just smile awkwardly. It looked like she wanted to say something but Hermes turned around.

“Hey Candiler, shouldn’t you be in bed by now?”

“What?” Jenna exclaimed, “you go to bed at nine?”

“Um…uh…yes.” Candiler said embarrassed. He looked away from Jenna.

“But wait! It’s Saturday! Can’t you stay up a little longer since it’s a weekend?” Jenna asked.

“Everyday is like a holiday for Candiler,” said Hermes. “I don’t want him getting in the habit of sleeping late because he doesn’t go to school.”

“Oh, let him stay up tonight,” Katelyn said, “give him a bit of a break.”

“I finished all of my homework questions, dad.” Candiler said earnestly. “Can I stay up and play with Jenna?”

“Okay.” Hermes said simply.

“Really?” Candiler exclaimed surprised.

“Sure. Just be back in the RV by…when does Jenna sleep?” said Hermes.

“Oh, um, Jenna doesn’t have a regular bedtime. I don’t let her stay up too long though…” Katelyn said.

“Be back by midnight then,” Hermes said. “But wait, first you’re going to take a bath. Is that okay with you?” he looked at Katelyn.

“Of course, be my guest.”

“I’m going to go grab your clothes,” Hermes said. He turned and walked to the front door.

“Candiler,” Jenna said, “Why don’t you go to school?”

“Oh, I use to go to school, but then I stopped after grade one. My dad says I was special or something so I can’t really attend school the same way regular kids do,” said Candiler.

“Oh. But why do you still have to do homework?” Jenna said. If she didn’t go to school she wouldn’t bother with homework at all. She would spend time with her mom, and maybe play videogames at her friend’s house.

“My dad buys textbooks and makes me do the questions in them. He teaches me Math, Spelling and Grammar, some geography, and other stuff. But he can’t teach me any history because he isn’t really good at it,” Candiler said.

“Oh, wow. Your dad teaches you all of that?” Jenna said, amazed. “My mom can’t help me at with all of my homework. She can’t help me with my English homework and needs a calculator for math.”

“So does dad sometimes,” Candiler said, “Mostly with trig.”

Jenna did not know what trig was but it sounded hard. “You want to go play some video games? Actually I only have one game, on the Gameboy colour. It’s a mario game my friend is letting me borrow.”

“Sure!” Candiler said.

Jenna smiled excitedly and they went upstairs. Katelyn smiled, sitting on her sofa. Somehow, having other people other than her and Jenna made her happier than she had felt in years.


To be continued

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