Short story

Six twelves wasted!

As I write this post, it is 2012-12-13. The day before was 12-12-12.

My little brother told me a story of how he accidentally ruined a great moment for his friends. Which very special moment was it? It was the twelfth second of the twelfth minute of the twelfth hour of the twelfth day of the twelfth of month of the twelfth year of the third millennium. A moment indeed.

Him and several other friends, he did not specify how many, were going to make a wish at this second. I don’t know what they thought, whether it would be a joke, or if they took it at least semi-seriously, or whatever. All of them watched the clocks intensively.

Then the second came. My little brother wished for something under his breath. I don’t know what the wish is and he absolutely refuses to tell me. Whatever it is I hope it was worth it because not only did he use up a wish on it, he had stolen his friend’s wishes too. How? Well, I think the moment went like this.

(the moment comes)

Lil’ brother: (whispered wish)

Friend 1: What?

Friend 2: You say something?

Friend 3″ Huh? Wha?

Everyone but Lil’ Brother: Aw Goddamnit! Really?


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