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Me and My Bros (Bad Habits)

Me and my little brother have some odd habits that we share, some that confuse the hell out of people. They seem random to them. It’s probably similar to being a biologist curious why two squirrels are chasing each other’s tails, or wondering why dogs sniff butt holes. But what we do makes sense to us. Here are some habits we’ve accumulated, and what they mean.

1) Me and my brother argue about which of us gets the smaller piece of whatever candy bar we’re sharing. As in we’re fighting for the smaller piece.

This is a habit that came about while we were children and we wanted the other person to have the bigger piece, because we were trying to be chivalrous. However, it’s come to the point that we’re no longer being chivalrous, we’re simply fighting over the smaller piece for no reason other than habit.

2) Sometimes we ask for something and then mid-sentence, even if the person is willing to give it, we pretend we no longer want it. It’s comparable to asking a girl out for a date and then giving up in the middle of speaking with them. Just a few minutes ago my brother came in and asked me if he could borrow these cool headphones I’m wearing on my head right now, because he wanted to test the mic on it. I was about to give them to him but then he just said “Never Mind. I’ll do it Later”. I don’t get it either. But I do understand how this habit of ours started.

Simply put, I am an awkward social person. I like talking to people, but back then, I had a problem with them being upset with me. I did everything in my power to not upset people. In other words, I was a doormat. Looking back now, I can’t believe I was ever so doormat-ish, but hey.

My habit started when I became sensitive to asking for things because I didn’t want people upset that I asked for them. Whenever I asked for something, I started out with “Hey, they don’t need it right now. Surely they won’t hate me for asking for it.” Then, in the middle of asking for it, I would think “Damn, I’ve upset them.” Even though I probably didn’t. Then I would say something along the lines of “Actually, I don’t really want/need it right now, thanks,” and leave the person confused.

I am nowhere near as awkward as I was back then, but I have developed the habit of deciding mid-sentence that I don’t really need something when I’m asking for it. I really don’t understand why I continue to do this and sometimes I don’t even notice. I can’t speak for why my little brother does this, but it’s probably the same thing.

3) At the last french fry for any fast food joint/ restaurant, we always play a tug o’war game with the last french fry and eat whichever end we got. I…have no idea when it was we started doing this, but I know it was ages ago. I don’t know why we do this either, but it’s fun. By the way, habit no.1 doesn’t apply to this game. We’ve made it a rule that the person with the bigger half eats the bigger half.

My longest winning streak was ten or eleven restaraunts, by the way.


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