Essay on Journalism

Ryerson Journalism Essay

To stay updated with world issues and make sure the information is accurate one needs reputable and accessible sources of information.  Newspapers, news channels, and even some internet petition websites are my ideal choice in keeping updated with current events.

Newspapers are usually reliable sources of current news. Some newspapers tend to lean towards a political view. For example, the Globe and Mail generally leans to a conservative political stance. In Toronto there are at least two newspapers provided that are handed out for free: 24 Hours which I pick up every day on the subway, and Metro News which can be found for free in Subways and Newspaper Vending Machines. I also subscribe to the Toronto Star. Because the Toronto Star is more focused on international news as opposed to entertainment news (celebrities, sports, etc) I read it before the 24 Hours newspaper.

Another way I stay updated is by watching CP24 and The Weather Network on television. I watch two channels because I watch TV after I read the newspapers so there is a good chance that the story on one channel will be about something that I’ve already read. Therefore, watching more than one channel helps to avoid being repetitive.

Another way I’ve found to stay current with information is through reputable online petition websites. Of course, these websites are biased with their information. However, the issues they are centered around are many times interesting and unusual enough to warrant research. Most of the time the issue is interesting and worth the research and are ones newspapers tend to ignore.

Staying updated on world issues is important. Newspapers and channels help stay current with information. Internet websites help to learn of obscure issues to research on.


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