Short story / Story

Shopping Carts and Foot Bandages

So I was shopping at a grocery store and I came upon a very thin section of shelves. By thin hallway I mean, of course, so thin the shopping cart fit almost perfectly between the two shelves. I don’t know who designed the store, and it might not have been their fault, but they have caused me a lot of trouble since I started shopping there.

Anyway, I’ve been in this situation before. I usually have no problem navigating this section.

There was a lady in the section. This usually makes things inconvenient.

I had to get to the other section of the grocery store and this section was the quickest way to what I wanted, so I began the tedious process of crossing this narrow space between shelves.

The lady was obviously a veteran shopper of this store and pressed against the shelves to let me through. This sounds simple enough, but the section is actually so narrow that one has to press themselves pretty tightly against the shelves. Choose the wrong spot to do so and you’ll end up pushing cans off the shelf, or worse; glass jars. The safest bet was to press yourself against heavy boxes that are not likely to be moved by you.

This lady did so. So we began the difficult part, getting past this lady. You might be wondering, “wouldn’t it be easier to have the lady walk by the shopping cart while it stands still? Theoretically the answer should be yes, but for some reason this never happens. People who are shopping don’t want to move anywhere too far away from where they are shopping, even if there is nothing they are interested in where they are. I don’t understand it myself. People would rather press up against the walls to let a cart go by.

The front wheels of the cart are closer together and easier to move past the lady’s feet without running over them. The second pair is a lot tougher seeing as are the widest part of the cart (aside from perhaps the handle) and barely leave room.

I think I almost rode over the lady’s feet, but miraculously I manage to safely make it past her. All is well.

Then I stepped on her foot.


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