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Writing Escapism…and Parenting(?)

Has any one ever heard of escapism fic?

The type of fiction people write when they don’t like their real lives and want to, in a way, live a preferable one through their characters.
Usually, these characteristics come in the form of, say, luck or skills that the creator does not have in real life. Say, romantic ones. I, for one, some days wish my romance life was better than…nonexistent.

However, something I’ve always worried about myself is, and I’m being as honest as possible here, I never did that. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wrote based on what I wanted in real life. Fantasy settings, unrealistic or highly improbable solutions to everyday scenarios, and, my favourite, the fantasy that the main character had a secret life that was more exciting (but more importantly more important,) than his regular life and therefore poor performance in school or relationship was “justified” because he was saving the world, or some other world.

But…the characters were never the person I really wanted to be. Or, to be more precise, they were exactly who I want to be. I want to be kind (I wont say I actually am or that I’m not) and they were kind, yes. I want to be strong and talented and they were just that, yes. But…I never wanted to be…suave, lucky, or charming. I always told myself that I’d love to be that, and I guess I really would, but I never wanted to be that. It wasn’t something I actively strived for.

I had pride. I wanted, in real life, to work hard and see payoff for it. I never let my characters have anything they didn’t deserve. I really abused these characters and made them earn their happy endings. My escapism wasn’t a break from reality, it was an imaginary reset button: my characters went through the hardships I faced but fared better at it because they worked harder at it then me.

You know that overbearing father who wants to vicariously live through their sons and daughter? The ones who continuously push their sons to be what they failed to be in life?
Well, it’s fine to do that to characters. Actually, doing this made some of my most proud works. But I’m really scared of my potential future as a father.


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