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Improvised Story (Loving Comparison)

I’m improvising again because I don’t know what to post and I haven’t posted in a long time. Here’s a story based on an idea I had in my head for a year but never actually planned out. All character names and occupations are made up on the spot. Enjoy:

“I just love Jazzing for Mazzin!” Linda said she and her boyfriend boarded the airplane. The stewardess pointed them inthe direction of their seats. “It’s probably the best album Mathew Deck has ever done!”

“You’ve been saying that for every album since his first album back in 2005,” John said as they placed their light packages into the compartments.

“That’s because he keeps getting better and better!” said Linda. “I know that there are some people who complain that his style of music is changing but I just love it.”

“What does Jazzin for Mazzin even mean anyways?” said John, taking his seat.

“No mortal knows what goes on in the brilliant mind of Mathew Deck and I am offended of your questioning!” Linda said in an exaggerated deep voice.

“Oops, I forgot the number one rule while going out with Linda Merth. Never question the overlord Mathew Deck. My humble apologies, Grand Priestess Linda of the Deckian Syndicate,” John said.

“The great Mathew forgives you today young one,” she said, waving her finger around his forehead.

The plane took off, leaving London and headed for Washington DC. Linda turned her iPhone to airplane mode. John looked out the window in thought. He hoped that Linda didn’t notice his nervousness. This trip had been calm and relaxing and he had enjoyed this time with her. His official purpose was to do some research and gain inspiration for a travel book he was writing for his travel company, but he took it as an opportunity to spend quality time with his girlfriend. Although they had spent an entire week and a half alone with Linda he did not learn anything new about her. This was because he had slowly learned all there was to know about her during the six years they were together. He did learn one thing on the trip though. It was not something new about Linda and it was not something useful for his travel company.

He learned he wanted do something now more than ever, and that this was perhaps the best opportunity he would ever have. He had spent around half an hour every day for the last few days of the vacation in washrooms making long distance calls home to set everything up. And soon it would be time.

“John?” Linda said after a while of silence. “Is everything alright?”

“Of course,” John said. He looked at his watch. There was plenty of time.

“I’m going to miss London,” Linda said. “It’s been a fun trip.”

“Yeah. I especially enjoyed not waking up to street cars in the morning,” said John.

“We still woke up to street cars in the morning,” said Linda.

“Yeah, but when I woke up, I was in London instead of America. That made all the difference,” John said. “But I probably shouldn’t mention that in my book.”

“Nope. Mention the seafood. That was good,” said Linda.

The two sat in the plane for a long while. Linda fell asleep. Knowing what was going to happen soon, John found himself unable to sleep. A few minutes later, the on the plane dimmed and changed to a blue color.

“What the-?” John said. He shook Linda awake.

“What’s wrong?” Linda said sleepily. Suddenly, the  plane intercom announced for people not to panic. The plane stewardesses began to walk along the aisles, gently waking people up.

“Passengers of this flight, we apologize if we’ve woken you up. We would appreciate it if you could stand to stay awake for a few more minutes as we have a very special guest on the plane.”

Suddenly, music began playing and somebody walked into business class from the economy class section. He was tall, African  and had some grey hairs. He wore a blue denim jacket and a jeans. Linda stared for a moment, then she screamed in ecstatic joy as a tall figure holding a microphone appeared.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen,” the man said. “I am Mathew Deck.”

There was a wave of mumbling and awe in the plane. Linda shook John’s shoulder.

“John! John, it’s him! It’s really him!” Linda said.

John didn’t respond. Linda looked at him. He seemed to not believe what he was seeing. He also seemed worried.

“John? Is something wrong?” she asked.

“Uh…no. Yeah, this is amazing,” he mumbled in awe.

“Tonight, I am going to take a little bit of time to sing this one song to a lucky lady,” Mathew said. Most of the lights in the plane turned off, except one. The light underneath John and Linda. Linda stared at John in hushed awe. John stared back in equal awe and slight horror.

“Oh my God, John! Did you-?”

“I…I,” John stuttered. Mathew began to sang the most popular song of his new album. His voice low and accompanied by music from a source John couldn’t locate. His amazing voice captivated the excited fans and confused passengers.

Mathew slowly danced up to Linda as he sang:

“I’ll be here if you need

a friend, a lover,

or just someone you know….

just someone you know…”

He approached Linda and John. Linda stared mesmerized and hugged John tightly. Her most admired singer was inches away and singing directly to her. John felt like Linda was hugging him so tightly to prevent herself from hugging Mathew immediately. Mathew had no idea he was in danger of being hugged to death by one of his biggest fan. He began singing the final lyrics to the song.

“And I’ll live happily

For you…”

He warmly smiled at them. He looked at John expectantly at the two of them.

“Well Duke, don’t you have something you want to give your girl?” he said as the music continued to play.

“Duke?” Linda said, confused. “His name’s not Duke.”

“Over here!” said a laughing voice on the other end of the plane. Mathew, John and Linda looked at them. A laughing man was sitting next to an equally happy lady with tears in her eyes. “I’m Duke! I’m here!”

“Really? Are you sure?” Mathew said. He turned back to John and Linda. “You’re not Duke?”

“John, actually,” John said.

“And you’re not Margaret?” Mathew said to Linda.

“Linda, and I’m a big fan,” said Linda.

“You have excellent taste in music madame,” said Mathew. He bowed and kissed her finger. He looked up at John. “And you, my friend, have amazing luck with women. Perhaps you should propose to her after those two.”

With that he got up and walked to the couple named Duke and Margaret. Linda looked happy enough to faint.

“He sang to me and kissed my hand,” she said practically squealing.

“Yeah, I saw. I also heard,” John said.

“Oh my God, how lucky are we to have been on the same plane as someone who decided to propose using Mathew Deck!” Linda said. “That lucky girl over there.”

“Oh yeah,” John said forcing a smile. “Really lucky.”

Mathew began singing to Duke and Margaret. John lay back on his seat and Linda continued to stare at Mathew Deck. The entire plane clapped at the end of his song. Then Duke took out a box and proposed to his girl, Margaret.
“Will you marry me?” he said holding the biggest diamond John had ever seen.

“Oh yes! Of course!” she said. The plane clapped and cheered as the two embraced and kissed. Mathew began another love song.
John looked at Linda’s amazed face.

Mathew Deck stayed for another half hour, singing songs from his three albums as the lucky couple talked to the curious people around them about their relationship and plans. After half an hour a flight attendant informed Mathew that they were going to land soon in Dublis Ireland, where he was stopping. Mathew waved goodbye to his audience and went to the back of the plane. John wondered where he sat. Did he hide out in the cargo hold for the entire flight?

Soon the plane landed and Mathew made another appearance to say goodbye to his audience and give  best wishes to Duke and Margaret.

After that the plane took off again. John was surprised that Linda managed to sleep after all of that excitement. She leaned on him and slept for the rest of the flight home. John looked out the window down at the dark clouds. He felt excitement and dread about their return home.

A few hours later they landed in the Metropolitan Airport at Washington DC. John woke Linda up and they took off.

“I really thought you were the one who got Mathew Deck on the plane,” Linda said as they walked to the conveyor belt to pick up their luggage. John was silent. He looked at his watch.

“Damn,” he muttered. It was almost time.

The two walked off to the airport pick up zone where they expected to be picked up by their friends. They waited for a long while.

“You think they forgot?” Linda asked after a quarter of a minute of waiting.

“God, I hope so,” John muttered under his breath. Then his heart froze as he heard music. “Oh, crap.”

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked before she heard the noise. “What is that? Is that…Jazzin for Mazzin?”

Just then a red convertible with the roof pulled up stopped in front of them. The rental plaque was clearly visible. Linda looked confused.

“John?” she said, “what’s going on?”

John hung his head. He couldn’t answer. Two young men and a woman Linda’s age came out of the car. One was holding a boom box. They entered the airport pickup lane. The woman hugged Linda.

“Linda, baby!” she said. “You lucky girl!”

“Hey Anna, what do you mean?” Linda said. She looked up at John confused. Still covering his face in shame John pointed to the car where another one of their friends came out.

He was wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans. He was short and white and sporting a wig while singing “Someone you know.” He danced somewhat awkwardly and was out of tune.

John and Linda watched silently as the strange man slowly danced his way towards them as the others clapped in rhythm. John could not watch but felt the container he had in his pocket. This was a really bad idea and he could not back out now.

“John, is that Bernard dressed as Matthew Deck?” Linda giggled.

“His singing voice sounded better over the phone,” John mumbled.

And I’ll liiiiive Haaaaapilyyyy

Foooor Yooooouuuuuuuuuu!” the man finished on his knees. He then assumed a dramatic silent fist raised pose as the others clapped. Anna and the rest of John and Linda’s friends then raised signs they had behind their backs. On each one the words Say Yes were written in red.

Linda looked at the signs silently. Then she looked at John.

“John?” was all she could say. John gave a slight and embarrassed smile.

“Linda Merth!” Bernard the Matthew Deck impersonator said. He indicated to John encouragingly. John retrieved the package from his pocket.
“I ask you in my amazing, Platinum record singing voice, if you will marry John Evans!”

John opened the package to reveal a gold ring. The diamond that sat on it was like a tiny, crystal ant. Linda was silent. She looked at the ring which John had bought secretly in the middle of their visit in London using up his personal food budget. Then she looked at poor John, who Linda had to share all of her meals with because he had “spent all the money for extra business stuff.”

Then she laughed. It was the most enthusiastic laugh that John had ever seen her produce. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She hugged John and whispered, for she couldn’t speak anything aloud without dissolving into more laughter, “yes.”

John returned the hug with as much enthusiasm. There should have been applause. There should have been a huge celebration, as if a famous singer truly had arrived and sung for them. But there were only their four friends and they could not have heard the tiny quiet yes Linda had whispered in his ears. They watched the two cry in their embrace quite confused, not wanting to risk applauding incorrectly.

But for John and Linda, none of this mattered. After a long embrace Linda slipped the ring on her hand and their friends applauded as loudly as they could, as if making up for their tiny numbers in enthusiasm.

John’s proposal was a happy, if uncomfortably unlucky, success.

That ends my first ever romance story. It’s cluttered and I’m sure the pacing could use some work. Maybe I’ll fix it up some day, but for now I’m just happy to be done. Goodbye and thanks for reading!


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