Puhoy Reaction (not review and spoilers)

How am I supposed to feel about that new episode of Adventure Time?

Good? Bad? Is this strange algorithm of emotions an acceptable norm for this episode?

I feel uncomfortable that Finn, a character that Iove has just lived an entire life in a new world and basically (spoiler alert, please stop reading…..) dies in it.
I am strangely satisfied that he grew up to be a muscled hercules with loving children and family.
Jake misses his children? I’m sad again!
Finn’s “memory” of Jake? Frightening but hilarious!
Old senile Finn’s death scene? One of the saddest scenes in the series!
He bounces off Pillow Glob and leaves for his own world? Actually kind of cool and badass.

And he forgets all of this like every awesome dream I have once I’m awake for longer than a minute…That’s actually cliche and I resent this show’s attempt to wring tears out of me with such cheap why is my face so wet?


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