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The Opal Orb

I’m gonna play an RPG with my nine year old cousin. I’m the game master. Here, I’ll ask him to make a character right now. I’m using a system I made myself. No levels, just stats that increase with points earned from beating enemies and solving problems and such.

Name: Joe

Race: Rhinoceros-Chimera Man  (He made it up himself)

Class: Blade Singer (like a swordsman, but with Magics)

Muscle: 17    (Muscle is strength.)                                     
Mind: 3          (Brain power. Not necessarily intelligence)
Movement:3      (Dexterity, speed and flexibility. Also the dodge)
Luck:9 (!!)          (A lot of things. 9 is a lot of luck)

HP:58 (CURSE YOU RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR!!!! You’ve made an invincible character!)

Attack Level: 2D+3 (To succeed at a task one must roll a certain number of dice and make sure the number is Lower than the trap or monster or obstacle’s stat. If you want to attack a goblin the number of dice you roll is the goblin’s attack dice. If the goblin tries dodging your roll must be equal or lower than their 


Fast Movement (+1)
Charge (5d aim, 2d-dmg)
Thick Skin (-1 Bludgeon dmg)

Body Features:
S.Heavy build (3 tonnes)
5 Inch Horn Forehead
Dark Green Skin

Magic receiving sword (1 spell a day)
Magic Sword Book
Large Bag (2 spells)
Money (Common): 100 lead coins


It is the Egg World, the planet that is actually an unhatched god’s egg. One day the egg will hatch and the world will end. But for now, the world is safe…well not really. Because there’s a Sh*t load of evil to fight!

The Country of Topshell’s capital, Scrambla city is where our adventure begins.

Your name is Joe. People think it’s a dumb name but they don’t bother you about it because you’re a giant chimera rhino man who can punch them through walls. You are wandering through the town looking for work and entertainment.

A man wearing the royal emblem of Topshell says that you should meet with the royal guard who are now looking for large, strong warriors for a high paying job.

Joe: I’m big and strong. Let me go meet this man.

You enter a large wooden building full of large men and women. They are all armed with axes and swords and daggers. Smaller men, probably assistants or sons and daughters, wait outside the building. A tall bearded man speaks to them all with a loud voice. “Last night a wizard created a giant monster. Every time we cut off the monster’s head, arms, toes, etc, it would grow right back. Eventually we killed it, but our problems aren’t over yet! The thousands of body parts are alive and causing havoc! Our royal guard has defeated a lot of the more…evil parts, but there are still hundreds of toes, eyes, hairs, ears, fingers and such!”

One man raised his hand. “Are there any other body parts? Like, say…”

“No! Those were all killed by the guards. Now! The king will pay a lead coin for every giant body part each man can kill. Bring back at least half of their bodies as proof. That is all!”

Do you have questions for the bearded man or anyone else?

Joe: I raise my paw and ask “Is there any cookies?”

They reassure you that there are indeed no cookies. The large men and women all leave, eager for the hunt. What do you do?

Joe: I search around Top Shell city.

(Now the challenge roll is 2 dice. Joe’s stat for luck is 9 points. He needs to roll 2 dice and get lower or equal to 9 to find something within one hour).

(He rolled a twelve. Ouch.)

Not only could you not find a single giant body part, it’s started to rain! Because of the world being an enormous egg the rain has a chemical effect on the floor, far beneath the earth where the shell lay. The earth becomes soggier (-1 to fast movement)

You find yourself alone in an alleyway. What do you do?

Joe: I ask for another two dice spin

…Uh, okay. But first…Bandits!

Three guys who you recognize hanging outside of the wooden house approach you holding swords! One of them shouts: “He must have some of the parts in his bag! Get him!”


Joe: I slice the bandits legs off.

Unfortunately your sword is not big enough to slice all three bandit’s legs off. You slice at the closest one. He attempts to dodge. (His dodge is 8. Joe’s attack dice is 2d+3, which means the bandit must roll 2 dice and add 3)

(The bandit rolled a 10+3. 13>8. The dodge fails)

The bandit is dealt 7 dmg. The bandit is still standing!

The bandits all charge at Joe with their swords.


Joe: I block with my sword and…attack back

(Because Joe decided to block instead of dodge, bandits must roll 2d+3 and hope it’s equal or under their charge stat (8). They total a 5, 9, and a 12)

Your block fails against one of them. You are dealt 5 (-1TS) dmg! (You have 54 HP remaining)


Joe: I-

(Hold Up, cuz I have to go home. To Be Continued!)





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