Currently Reading: Justice Society of America

I’ve recently finished four novels and decided that perhaps it’s time to dip my toe back in to comics. I picked up some Justice Society of America comics because I’ve always been interested in Alan Scott, the original green lantern (also because I like Power Girl for two reasons…Back stories (as in plural) and authority)

How do I put this…Justice Society of America is my new favourite series of comics ever.

I love DC’s rich legacy of superheroes that date back to World War Two (slightly before WW2, but that depends on how you would define a “superhero”) I love how all the members of the Justice Society of America has a back story and a series of interesting stories to go with each of them. I love how the experienced heroes react to different scenarios as if they’ve seen them a million times before.

It really is a crime for them to have been booted out of continuity by the New 52 ret-con.


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