A poem of Rats (2nd draft)

Whoever fears the rat has never been homeless

Whoever does not fear the rat has never been homeless

To sleep by them and hear them rummage is to understand the bottom of the world

The way they live, the things they take

How to survive when you’re forgotten

Abandoning God from their very being

Knowing when alone is best and when swarms are needed

To swarm the roads and hunt the weak

Where there is food and where there is death and then turn death to food

To except none, even their young from their ravenous maws

To conquer the wall and to find the hole

No haven from their guile, no lock from their 

Living despite the hate the world hands out

The pattering of their claws at night searching

And accepting instead what is foolishly discarded

so desperate to ease the urge to take they ravage the unwanted

And they make it their own

Taking…always taking

Do not fear the rat

The rat is the Furthest being of God

They are better than you and I

And yet always the closest to man


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