Words! We Need More Words! (Improvised)

In the future mankind when science discovers the secrets unknown, new concepts will be uncovered daily. The amount of new theories and concepts will awaken a desperate need of new words and language. Then mankind will learn of a problem that had never crossed their collective minds: language is flawed in it’s small size. There are no words for the undiscovered, for the unimagined. We were not prepared. Now all of science is within our reach but we can not pass it on.

When Marco Polo came back from his travels, how difficult was it for him to describe what he had seen in the Asias? How could he describe a life of a foreign tradesman and villager when all Europe knew of was their own lifestyles? No words for the long nose that stuck out the front of the large grey beast. To describe one thing he needed two, or three, or even ten words! Ten words combined that have never met each other in the same sentence before! “Elephant” was Enormous-Hooved-Beast-With-Large-Ears. “Trunk” was Arm-Lengthed-Facial-Potrusion”

This is an issue science will face, but on a greater scale, when space and time itself is argued against. When colours measure distance, and further away means the same as closer together. When Time is malleable, but at the same time can not change. Did you understand an of the above? If not, we need new words.

Words that don’t mean anything we know of. We need new words that may never be used at all, but will be there if we do. Words to be stored for thousands of years until they are needed, and the dust blown off, to be used.

A word for measuring time in terms of colours! A word for the fusion of metaphysical concepts! A word for Plant’s Saliva! A word for a sword that’s shaped and functions similarly to an airplane! A word for Breaking down walls that don’t exist! A word for tying time into a Gordian Knot and then a word for Un-Tying it!

I really don’t know what I’m talking about.


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