Improvisation / Story

Thug Factory (introduction)

Once again I am improvising. For reasons unknown I am suddenly really interested in punk culture (must have been from re-reading Fist of the North Star)

Nebularion, the massive interplanetary industry, once owned an artificial planet known as Sean Nova Twelve. It was a planet designed to house their bio-engineering factories. It’s most successful production were its Grunts, cloned soldiers trained and raised to be loyal to their buyers. They were sold in the millions to armies and organizations around the solar system, and eventually to other stars as well.

However, one day Nebularion relocated its point of production. Because of the growing business and the shifting of business partners, Sean Nova’s orbit was no longer a convenient area to hold factories and the planet was planned to be destroyed by a built in bomb that was prepared for this outcome. Nebularion relocated its employees and most of its best products. The clones that were of lower quality and not worth relocating were left on the planet to die in the explosion.

However, for some reason the bomb never blew up. The planet remained. Since the planet’s orbit did not intercept with any space that was in demand the company left it alone. The clones who were supposed to die in the explosion lived on. They repaired the simple machines and took care of the world’s natural resource for food. They learned how to use the cloning computers and created more of themselves. What  Sean Nova became is in many ways a dystopia. Without a central government they were mainly run by gangs. Weapons, Drugs, Mohawks and tattoos became the norm. But in many ways the world was not without hope. The people of Sean Nova Twelve were free.

Freedom is dangerous.

[To Be Continued]


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