Short story

Three Adventure Time Fanfiction Pieces

Fanfics, get your Adventure Time Fanfics here! Three for one!

Most art was born out of a lack thereof so here are a few  Adventure Time fanfics that I think needed to be made

Title: Bubbline exists and Finn is Okay With It

Princess Bubblegum, wearing a science cloak to cover her face walked out of the kingdom (of course, since it was a science cloak all of the citizens recognized her instantly. “Note to self: Add more Science” PB thought). She made it outside where Marceline had fallen asleep waiting for her.

She tapped her awake. “Huh? Oh, hey Bonnie. How long does it take to powder your nose?”

“I don’t powder my nose, I science my science-y stuff,” Princess Bubblegum said.

“Alright, weirdo. Where are we off to?” Marceline said.

“To the theaters? I hear they have a great remake of the classical “The Dark Knight” with that wonderful mythological Batman character. Steal from the Clowns and Give to the poor!” PB said and giggled.

As they walked away from the kingdom, and away from responsibility they spoke to one another. Everything they said meant a bit more than what the words portrayed. They spoke in a language that only they knew of, constructed through years of being together and struggling to make the two of them work. A wink and a head nod timed just right, a comment about an event long past, an inside joke, all for them and no one else.

Then Finn and Jake passed by fighting off hordes upon hordes of  flaming muscled man-eating hippopotamus amoeba monsters.

“Sorry M’ladies, you’ll have to walk around. Finn and I have to fight these Hippo Amoebas Fireball things,” Jake said, “You two on a date?”

“Yes,” PB said happily.

“Uh, you guys need help?” Marceline said.

“Nah! It’s Cool!” Finn said, holding back one of them before German suplexing it.

“You sure? Seriously, it’ll take, like, six seconds tops.”

“Finn and I really need the exercise,” Jake said. “We recommend going to the Farmer’s Market in Veggie town, but make sure you can tell the produce from the producers.”

Princess Bubblegum looked at her watch. She had scheduled herself six hours of time and almost a quarter of an hour was gone!

“C’mon Marceline!” She said, grabbing her by the arm. “To the date! There are Make Outs to be had!”

“What?” Marceline said, mortified.

“Yes!” Bubblegum said very seriously. “I have it all scheduled out! Make outs aren’t for up for debate!”

“Okaythat’sgreatbutshush Bye Guys!” she said, waving goodbye to Finn and Jake who probably didn’t hear any of that. She picked up PB and zoomed off.

At first Finn and Jake were silent as they fought the creatures. Then they chuckled. Then they laughed, swinging their swords and fists to the rhythms of their laughter.

Title: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Hang Out With No Romantic Intentions Whatsoever (AKA) Non-Bubbline

“So, where’s Finn?” Marceline said, hands in her pocket as she somewhat admired the candy gardens Princess Bubblegum had grown.

“I sent them off to retrieved the flame gauntlet in the badlands,” Princess Bubblegum.

“Why don’t you ever send me on stuff like that?” Marceline said, feeling the petals on one of the more curious looking flowers. There was a sign she didn’t read: Do Not Touch!

“Because you’re an equal, Marceline. Finn is more like a loyal servant who I happen to share a friendship based on mutual respect for one another,” Bubblegum said, watering her peppermint daisies, Gum tulips and regular ficus (a regular ficus, how exotic!). The flower Marceline was fiddling around with snapped at her finger.

“Whoa,” she said, feeling her finger. Great, more bite marks. “Well, that’s not very nice.”

“That’s what Finn said, not me. I just accepted it after a while.”

“Kids,” Marceline said. “Where do you fine time to tend to this garden, anyways?”

“Usually there are a bunch of gardeners, but they’re all on paid vacation this week,” PB said as she climbed a ladder to pull apples (candied, obviously) out of a tree and chucked one to Marceline, who ate it graciously. “So, Finn says you wrote me a song…”

“What? He did? Darn that toot!” Marceline said.

“Well, let’s hear it,” PB said, sitting down on a stool.

“No, Bonnie, let’s not.”

“C’mon, I won’t get mad.” Princess Bubblegum said.

“I wrote it when I was mad, okay? You wouldn’t like it.”

“Oh, like it’s the first time I’ve heard you sing a mad song at me! Remember “I’ll Hit You With a Rake?” That song was about, what, hitting me with a rake and I still enjoyed it,” Princess Bubblegum smiled.

Marceline sighed. She took out her guitar. “Just so you know, it’ll be pretty weird, sitting in a garden playing you a song. Pretty dang gay, actually.”

“Oh yes, Marceline. Mmm, hit me with that rake, oh I love the gayness of it all…” Pb said. Marceline laughed and strummed the Guitar.

“La da da da da

I wanna bury you in the ground

La da da da da

I wanna bury you with my sound

I wanna drink the red… from your pretty pink face

I wanna knock you dead…or spray you with mace

And you’d be dead…and I wouldn’t care

No really I…wouldn’t even care

People say you’re the closest friend I’ve got

But, I really don’t know If we’ve even reach that spot

Cuz I wouldn’t care

Stop looking at me….

I wouldn’t care

I don’t need no pity…

It doesn’t matter anyway

I’m used to being alone,

What’s another friend gone?

What’s another home?”

Marceline began crying slightly. Princess Bubblegum hugged her down.
“I’m sorry princess, excuse me,” Marceline said,

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll never steal your fries again,” Pb said. They cried together for a while, then left the gardens. There was a lot of ruling a kingdom/lazing around to be done.

(Okay, it’s becoming quite obvious that I’m just writing these as I go along…)

Title: Finn and Jake Watch the Stars (sort of D:)

Jake and Finn lay down on their floor, watching the stars. The sky seemed so clear tonight. Finn noticed a lot about the stars he had never before noticed.

“Jake! That group of stars looks like a giant spoon!” Finn said

“Wow! What should we name it?” Jake said.

“How about…the JakeFinn spoon!” Finn said

“I like it!” Jake said, morphing his hand into a spoon with Finn and Jake’s face. “I’m JakeFinn spoon, the best stars in the whole universe!”

“Do you think we’ll be able to visit those stars?” said Finn.

“Dude, our cosmic spirits will drift up someday, and when they do I call top bunk!” Jake said.

“Which star is top bunk?” Finn said.

“Whichever is highest up, I guess,” Jake shrugged.

The two giggled. BMO was sitting near them, crying. Finn got up and put his arms around her and whispered: “Hey, don’t cry buddy. It’ll be okay.” BMO continued crying. FInn whispered some more. “Hey, buddy. Look into the sky! It’a so beautiful, and you can see a group of stars that looks like a spoon! Me and Jake call it the Jakefinn spoon! C’mon, cheer up buddy or I’m gonna start crying too…”

“Oh man, we forgot! Where’s BMO gonna stay, now?” Jake said.

“BMO will find somewhere,” Finn said. BMO looked up into the sky. “Finn? Jake?”

“Yeah Buddy?” Finn whispered.

“When will I ever see you again?” BMO said.

“Soon, BMO. Well, not soon, but you will-”

“Finn?” BMO said again. Finn waited, but BMO just continued to look at the sky. Finn sighed and looked around at what used to be their tree house. The walls were broken down. Out in the grassy fields the bodies of thousands of alien machines lay broken and somewhat rusted. There were flames everywhere. Finn hoped Princess Bubblegum was okay, and wasn’t wrecked from guilt. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know the space satellite could send signals so far into space. She was only trying to reach Mars.

Marceline had come, with little to no humanity left in her. She sucked the red out of brown robots and the small drops of blood that formed a trail she had been following.

“There she is,” Jake said.

“Looks like she’s gone feral,” Finn said.

“She’ll be fine once she finds, well, us. She’s getting pretty close, too.” Jake said.

“Gross. Too bad she can’t eat fire,” Finn said.

BMO got up. Finn looked worried as BMO walked slowly to the bloodthirsty Vampire queen. Marceline noticed BMO and began jaunting towards him. Bmo held his ground as Marceline sniffed him.

“Bee…Mo?” Marceline said. She picked the little computer up and nuzzled him with her crooked fingers.

Finn and Jake sighed with relief.

“Well, that’s that. I guess we can go now,” Jake said. He got up and, along with Finn, watched as BMO led Marceline towards food. Finn did not want to be around when she found out what that food was.

“Yeah man, time to go.”

The two of them walked towards two invisible winged horses and two fat lady with horned helmets, tied up with their own capes. Finn and Jake picked them up and got up on the horses.

“Finn? Do you think we’ll see mom and dad?” Jake said, worried.

“Of course! Dad probably did what we’re doing right now!”

“You mean he-”

“Knocked out these people, stole their horses and began riding into the universe to do hero things? Of course he did!”

“Alright! After we drop these impatient ladies of to this Valafella place let’s go look for mom and dad!” Jake said, pointing to the tied up valkyrie.

“Yeah! I know where we should look first!” said Finn. He pointed to the FinnJake Spoon. “In that big group of stars!”

“Woo hoo!” Jake cried out and they rode off into the universe to do hero things.

The End

(Seriously, why do I make myself sad?)


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