The Owls of Meat and Apple (1)


Okay, so this draft has been sitting in my box for a long time and…it’s just the title…wow. I wonder what my idea for this title. Probably nothing.

…I accept my challenge, past me!

The worn buildings and roads of Hecate city was always quiet. The buildings were in a state of disrepair and though many still sheltered people and housed businesses they all looked abandon from down on the street. The air was heavy with silence and when the skies were clouded and you couldn’t see the sky, walking the silent worn streets felt like walking deep underwater. It felt a little like drowning, only casual. It was as if drowning didn’t kill you but sucked away all sensation.

Fern Maine lived in Hecate city. She was very young and often waundered the streets. She had many things to say about what growing up in Hecate city was like, which was a good sign that she was very young. Many older men and women have very little to say about Hecate city or anything at all for that matter. The city sucked the will to talk out of most people. But Fern Maine could say a lot about the city and she would be very surprised to hear that she wasn’t saying anything unusual at all.

She wrote down in her little book all about the many cats that lived in the city. She talked all about the cracks in the pavements and sidewalks and how the weeds made the transition from grass to sidewalk seamless. She talked all about how nobody worked for stores or factories because there were no jobs and how everyone worked for themselves much like her mother, who sold rabbits for food. She wrote about how she could walk down the alleyways with no fear because they were barren: the city had no thieves waiting for little girls in alleys because all of the thieves were busy throwing bricks into windows.

If she were older she would learn that what she wrote was not all that interesting to the world because other cities had all of this too. Many places had cats and broken down pavements. However, a lot of those places had more than Hecate city did. Hecate was a plain, run down city that was barren. Sterile, was the word her parents used. The city was sterile.

I think I might have something with this, but it’s now 2:10 AM. Good night world!



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